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How to Use Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story

How to Use Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story

Create the best restaurant you can with the sim game My Hotpot Story from Subzero7. At first, when Master Wen sells the Chinese restaurant to you, you only manage to serve small groups, but you soon turn it into a thriving business! Eventually, you begin expanding the hotpot restaurant and needing more resources, like the Yummy Cookie, to upgrade decor and dishes. Find out more below about how to use the Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story.

Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story

A good restaurant can become a great restaurant with the right decor, staff, and menu. When you first start out, much of this is limited, but as you welcome more customers, you get to upgrade various aspects of your new hotpot business.

Upgrading and expanding the menu increases your Restaurant Rank, meaning more customers come and spend more money, that you then spend on improving your business. Even just upgrading a broth can give your rank a boost!

Use Yummy Cookie for Upgrading the Dish Tier (via My Hotpot Story)

Each dish has a tier level, which can be increased using money and Yummy Cookies. A Yummy Cookie is used to increase the inspiration level and help the chef create a deliciously upgraded dish. The Yummy Cookie increases the tier to the maximum level, which has a positive impact on your Restaurant Rank.

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Yummy Cookies are available in the Store as part of a bundle, purchased with real money, or in the daily Lottery which refreshes every 24 hours. You can also buy them with money from your restaurant profits.

That is all there is to know about Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story! We hope this has helped you upgrade your dishes and make your restaurant successful.

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How to Use Yummy Cookie in My Hotpot Story


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