How to Use Unison Attacks in Tales of Symphonia Remastered


Tales of Symphonia Remastered is an enhanced port of the beloved JRPG classic. Players will battle monsters in real-time action combat fights using a variety of special techniques known as Artes. Eventually, you’ll be able to utilize Unison Attacks for powerful combo skills. Today, we’ll show you how to use Unison Attacks in Tales of Symphonia Remastered!

Guide to using Unison Attacks in Tales of Symphonia Remastered

Early on in the adventure, the party heads towards the Triet Ruins to deal with the seal of fire. After clearing the dungeon, your next stop is the Ossa Trail, a connecting path that leads to Izoold. This is about an hour into the game, so it doesn’t take that long to reach this point.

While walking through the Ossa Trail, an unknown assassin ambushes the party. Defeat the assassin, and Kratos will teach you about attacking together in unison. This will unlock the aptly named Unison Attacks, a set of quick attacks from your entire party that can overwhelm the enemy.

The Unison Meter will now appear over your party’s status during battle. Attacking enemies fills up the meter, and when it’s full, push the right stick in to initiate a Unison Attack. Your currently controlled character will perform a small attack, and if it lands, the Unison Attack begins.

During a Unison Attack, all action stops, and the camera focuses on the enemy you landed the initial hit on. You’ll see a four-button prompt, with each button corresponding to one of your party members.

Pressing a party member’s button will make them use an Arte, and you can choose the Arte if you press their button in conjunction with the left stick. Let’s take a look at this screenshot as an example.

These button prompts will change depending on what platform you’re playing on.

Let’s use Lloyd as an example. He’s mapped to the right face button, so pressing that button with the stick in the neutral position would use his neutral Arte. However, if you were to hold up and then press the button, he would use whatever Arte is set to the UP position. You can change what Artes are set in the Unison Attack section of your menu.

After a character uses their Arte, they will be grayed out, and you move onto the next party member. Repeat this process for all four party members to deal lots of damage.

Using specific Artes during the Unison Attack will result in a very powerful technique, known as a Compound Special Attack. For example, using Lloyd’s Tiger Blade and any of Genis’ lightning spells will result in Lightning Tiger Blade.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really clue you in on what kind of combinations work. You’ll have to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t want to bother with that, here’s a complete list of all the Compound Special Attacks in the game.

Lloyd + Colette

  • Pow Blade: Any Tiger Blade + Any Pow Hammer
  • Stardust Rain: Any Lv. 2 Sword Rain + Hammer Rain

Lloyd + Genis

  • Fiery Beast: Any Beast + Any Lv. 2 fire spell
  • Lightning Tiger Blade: Any Tiger Blade + Any lightning spell

Lloyd + Raine

  • Photon Tempest: Any Tempest + Photon
  • Gungnir: Any Lv. 2 Sonic Thrust + Ray or Holy Lance

Lloyd + Presea

  • Wyrm Wrath: Demonic Circle/Chaos + Eagle Rage

Lloyd + Sheena

  • Power Thrust: Any Sonic Thrust + Any Power Seal
  • Dark Serpent: Any Sonic Thrust + Any Serpent Seal
  • Mirage Thrust: Any Sonic Thrust + Any Mirage Seal

Lloyd + Kratos/Zelos

  • Cross Thrust: Any Sonic Thrust + Any Sonic Thrust
  • Lightning Tiger Blade: Any Tiger Blade + Lighting/Thunder Blade
  • Thunder Tiger Blade: Any Tiger Blade + Lightning/Super Lightning Blade
  • Fiery Beast: Beast + Eruption

Colette + Genis

  • Mjöllnir: Any Pow Hammer + Any lightning spell

Colette + Kratos/Zelos

  • Pow Spear: Any Pow Hammer + Any Light Spear
  • Mjöllnir: Any Pow Hammer + Thunder Blade

Colette + Presea

  • Pow Devastation: Any Pow Hammer + Any Devastation

Colette + Raine

  • Photon Blast: Any Ring + Photon
  • Gospel: Angel Feather/Judgement/Grand Cross + Ray/Holy Lance

Genis + Kratos/Zelos

  • Rock Pillar: Grave/Stalagmite/Ground Dasher + Grave

Genis + Presea

  • Lightning Punishment: Any lightning spell + Any Punishment
  • Critical Blade: Explosion/Eruption + Any Destruction

Genis + Raine

  • Prism Stars: Any Lv. 3 spell + Ray

Raine + Kratos/Zelos

  • Plasma Blade: Photon + Lighting/Super Lightning Blade
  • Gospel: Angel Feather/Judgement + Ray/Holy Lance
  • Gungnir: Any Sonic Thrust + Ray/Holy Lance

Raine + Sheena

  • Purgatory Seal: Pyre/Demon Seal + Ray/Holy Lance

Sheena + Presea

  • Mirage Infliction: Mirage Seal Absolute + Endless Infliction
  • Moonlight Fury: Power Seal Absolute + Endless Infliction

Sheena + Regal

  • Savage Fury: Power Seal Absolute + Swallow Dance
  • Savage Mirage: Mirage Seal Absolute + Swallow Dance

Sheena + Kratos/Zelos

  • Power Thrust: Any Sonic Thrust + Any Power Seal
  • Dark Serpent: Any Sonic Thrust + Any Serpent Seal
  • Mirage Thrust: Any Sonic Thrust + Any Mirage Seal

Kratos/Zelos + Presea

  • Lightning Punishment: Lightning/Thunder Blade + Any Punishment
  • Arch Wind: Hell Pyre + Any Punishment

That concludes our guide on how to use Unison Attacks in Tales of Symphonia Remastered. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Use Unison Attacks in Tales of Symphonia Remastered


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