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How To Use the Zonai Portable Pot Device in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Use the Zonai Portable Pot Device in Tears of the Kingdom
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A Zonai Portable Pot turned out to be a real lifesaver for me many times in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Imagine yourself on the way to get the Ember Headdress, all ready to explore the lava-filled caves, just to realize that you don’t have a Fireproof Elixir in your inventory.

Thanks to the Zonai Portable Pot device, not all is lost. If you have the right ingredients and the recipe, you can use this marvelous piece of technology to whip up an elixir or another food item right there on the spot where you need it. If you’re new to the whole process, let’s explore together how to use the Zonai Portable Pot device in Tears of the Kingdom.

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What Is the Zonai Portable Pot Device in Tears of the Kingdom?

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The name says it all—this piece of Zonai technology is a portable pot meant for cooking. It comes as a part of all the innovations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and it serves as a convenient replacement for a regular cooking pot that you can easily carry with you and set up wherever you need it.

You can grab a Zonai Portable Pot at Zonai device dispensers by leaving Zonai Charges or Construct Horns in the bowl in front, but the number of capsules or the type of device you will receive is random. However, you can see which devices a specific dispenser gives out if you hover the cursor above the dispenser marker on the map.

How to Use Zonai Portable Pots in Tears of the Kingdom

If you already obtained some Zonai Portable Pots, you can easily access them from your inventory by pressing +. You will need to get to the Zonai Devices tab by using the R button and select a Portable Pot, which will then appear in the world in front of you.

Other than the requirement to place the pot on a flat surface in order to use it, there are no limitations—you can use a Zonai Portable Pot for cooking anywhere you need to go. However, you should know that one Zonai Portable Pot works for only one recipe. Also, once you take it out of your inventory, you can’t change your mind and return it there, so plan your culinary endeavors accordingly.

When you place the pot in front of you, cook the recipe like you would at any other cooking pot. Select the ingredients from your inventory and press A to start preparing the food.

Bon appétit! We hope you cook many useful dishes for Link using these cute little pots. If you need more help with your Hyrule adventures, come back to TouchTapPlay and explore more useful guides in our dedicated Tears of the Kingdom section.

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How To Use the Zonai Portable Pot Device in Tears of the Kingdom