How To Use The Switch Axe In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Among the different Monster Hunter Rise weapon types, the Switch Axe is definitely among the most interesting, but also among the most complex. This weapon has two different modes, Axe Mode and Sword Mode, that behave quite differently, forcing players to learn all the mechanics that power the weapon to be effective in combat. While newcomers would do much better picking other weapons, veterans will find the Switch Axe a very solid weapon that can be devastating if used properly.

What makes the Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Rise such a unique weapon? Let us find out.


The Switch Axe has two different modes called Axe Mode and Sword Mode that can be switched when the Sword Gauge is charged. This actually limits how much you can use the much more reliable Sword Mode, as it consumes gauge with every attack, while Axe Mode refills it with every attack. The common trait of both modes is that they grant very limited mobility and no defensive options, not counting a new Silkbind Attack, so you will have to play pretty much perfect if you want to make it out of battles alive. The Axe Mode has excellent range, so thankfully you won’t have to get in your enemies’ faces too often.

Maximum Potency At All Times

Maximum Potency is a special state that will charge the Sword Gauge more quickly, making it invaluable at all times. Make sure to use Wild Swing by pressing X as often as you can to remain in Maximum Potency State longer.

Invincible Gambit

Invincible Gambit is the only defensive option for the Switch Axe, but one that you should learn not to rely too much upon, as it uses a Wirebug to unleash a special spinning attack with full invincibility. Use it by pressing ZR and X only when you have no other option to avoid damage.

The Switcher

The Switch Charger Silkbind Attack, unleashed by pressing ZR and A, is a great offensive tool that launches you forward and regenerates Sword Gauge. It’s extremely good in combos, and when you have depleted the Sword Gauge and want to get back into Sword Mode immediately.

Deflections Denied

While Axe and Sword Modes have different movesets, one doesn’t seem all that more powerful than the other at first glance, but Sword Mode has a distinct advantage: its attacks cannot be deflected. This is why you want to be in Sword Mode as much as possible: it is way more reliable.

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How To Use The Switch Axe In Monster Hunter Rise


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