How to Use the Freecam/Drone Mode in Driving Empire

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If you love racing and love Roblox, then Driving Empire is what you need. Since the release of the game in 2019, the game has received many positive updates, ranging from a large number of cars to interesting racing modes and tracks. In addition, less noticeable details of the game were updated, such as controls and the appearance of the gameplay. Today we will talk about a new way to watch your game, namely Freecam/Drone Mode.

How to Use the Freecam/Drone Mode in Driving Empire

Freecam/Drone Mode is one of the newest updates in the game, thanks to which you can enjoy watching the game without distractions on unnecessary game details. Using this mode, all icons, buttons, indicators, chat, and everything else will disappear from the screen. All that’s left on the screen is a small Roblox logo in the top left corner and a small chat button in the top right corner.

The downside is that in this mode you become a ghost. It is not possible to race in Freecam/Drone mode, and all you can do is quickly move around the map, fly, and pass through obstacles.

To activate Freecam/Drone Mode need to hold down Shift/P together, and pressing again will return the game to its original form.

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But to get started using this mode, you should practice the controls:

  • Using WASD buttons can control the standard forward/left/backward/right movements.
  • To look around or set the direction of movement, hold the right mouse button and move the mouse in the direction you want to turn.
  • You can move the mouse up and press the W key, after which you will start flying. Determine the direction by moving the mouse and pressing the W button to move.

At first, this mode can be interesting, but after half an hour you can get bored. So get familiarized with the controls, practice, and maybe you will find more interesting uses for Freecam/Drone Mode.

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How to Use the Freecam/Drone Mode in Driving Empire


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