How to Use the Cookie Run Comic Creator: Cookie Run Comic Maker Guide

by u/scribbled_shadows on Reddit

Let’s face it, one of the biggest appeals of the Cookie Run franchise is the cute character designs and the fun vibe that they give off. Each cookie has been tailored its own unique personality, and if you’re saying you don’t have a headcanon for your favorite cookies, I’d say you’re crazy!

These qualities of having them be so alive and likable fit perfectly with the idea of having a comic creator for them! Players get to come up with their own cute stories and create their own little world for their favorite cookies here.

And so, today, we will take you through each feature of the Cookie Comic Creator and guide you on how to use the Cookie Run Comic Creator, so that you don’t have to miss out on the fun!

Functionality Buttons

These are the buttons that you will find on the bottom right of the Cookie Comic Creator. They are as follows:

  • ‘ + ‘ : Increases the size of textboxes, props, pet sprites, and cookie sprites
  • ‘ – ‘ : Decreases the size of textboxes, props, pet sprites, and cookie sprites
  • Flip: Flips the direction that the textboxes, props, pet sprites, and cookie sprites are facing
  • + Row: Adds a row to your comic (vertical)
  • – Row: Deletes a row from your comic (vertical)
  • + Column: Adds a column to your comic (horizontal)
  • – Column: Deletes a column from your comic (horizontal)
  • Copy Panel/Paste Panel: Copies a panel that you have selected to paste on another panel
  • Save Image: Saves your comic to your PC

Comic Creation Items

These are components that make the meat of your comic, which appear on the bottom-left of the Cookie Comic Creator. Customize to your heart’s content! They are as follows:

  • Backgrounds: An array of backgrounds for your panels
  • Cookie Sprites: Variety of cookie images to add in your comic
  • Pet Sprites: Variety of per images to add in your comic
  • Props: Extra images to enhance your comic
  • Textboxes: Add in text and use them for the dialogue in your comic

How to Create a Cookie Comic

  1. Add rows/columns to your comic according to the amount of panels you need.
  2. Start adding the backgrounds for each panel.
  3. Use the various Cookie Sprites, Pet Sprites, and Props to create your story.
  4. For dialogue, click on the textbox.
  5. Type in your dialogue.
  6. Use the directional arrows that appear in the Functionality Buttons section to give your speech bubble a pointer.
  7. Mix, Match, Customize, and keep creating!
  8. Click on ‘Save Image’.
  9. Save to your PC.
  10. Upload and share wherever you like!

And there you have it, an entire guide on how to create comics with the Cookie Comic Creator. Do you enjoy making Cookie Run Comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Use the Cookie Run Comic Creator: Cookie Run Comic Maker Guide


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