How to Use the Arena For Training in Fire Emblem Engage


Training your character is probably the most exciting thing you can do playing Fire Emblem Engage. In addition to being necessary when you want to progress in the game, training can also be an option if you just want to have fun. In this guide, you will find out how to use the arena for training in Fire Emblem Engage.

How The Arena Works in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you unlock the Arena, you will find out that there are two options for trading here: Normal Training and Emblem Training. Below, you can find the description of both of them.

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Normal Training

Normal Training is the most straightforward way to train your character in Fire Emblem Engage. Using it, you can choose a specific character, and then they will start fighting a random character from the army. By doing it, the selected unit will get EXP and level up, significantly increasing their power.

Emblem Training

Emblem Training is a little bit more complicated than Normal Training. You will spend your bond fragments to increase the Bond Level between the character and emblem. Using Emblem Training is a perfect option to teach your unit new skills, allowing them to be much more effective.

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How to Unlock Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you know how arena training works, it would be best to find out how you can unlock the Arena. Fortunately, the Arena is one of the most accessible systems in the game: you only need to complete Chapter 4 to access the Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

That’s it with using the Arena for training in Fire Emblem Engage. There are two options to train your character, and both do not require much effort. That means you can train your units at Arena even if you are not an experienced player.

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How to Use the Arena For Training in Fire Emblem Engage


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