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How to use SMRS in COD: Mobile

How to use SMRS in COD: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t all about using Assault Rifles and Snipers on the battlefield. The players should also focus on the RPG weapons like SMRS, which generally deals with substantial explosive damage in a single fire. Besides that, SMRS also deals with collateral damage, enough to bag some easy frags during the match.

If you’re the one who hasn’t tried the SMRS yet, you should definitely give it a shot. Below, we have shared some tips and tricks to use the weapon correctly in COD Mobile.

How To use SMRS in Call of Duty Mobile

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Before you get your hands on the SMRS Rocket Launcher, it’s important to unlock the weapon first. The SMRS Rocket Launcher can be unlocked at level 13, and players can equip it on the secondary slot in the weapon’s loadout section. Once you equip the weapon, start a match and switch to the secondary weapon to use it.

To use SMRS adequately, it’s important to stay in cover until you take a shot. After pulling the trigger, you can’t use it anymore as it comes with only single ammo or one rocket per round in multiplayer mode. However, the ammo will reset after each death, just like other guns.

Keeping that into mind, it becomes crucial for players to switch to the primary weapon after firing SMRS and if you lack the cover, opponents can easily take charge of you.

Whereas while staying behind cover like a wall or any obstacle, it will grant you some extra time to switch to the main weapon without giving an advantage to your enemy.

Now you know the tips and tricks to master the SMRS weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile. Before you launch the game, here’s a look at the weapon stats that will give you a better idea of whether to use a weapon or not, depending on your playstyle.


Fire rate10
SMRS Weapon stats

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How to use SMRS in COD: Mobile


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