How to Use PUBG’s Emergency Pickup Feature

PUBG Mobile

The original PUBG and PUBG Mobile have been running for quite a long time, and the developers of both versions of the game have been making constant additions to the games to keep players engaged and spice up the battle royale experience, making it always feel fresh and exciting.

Among the additions that have been made to PUBG over the years is the Emergency Pickup feature, which can make quite a difference if used well. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to Use PUBG’s Emergency Pickup Feature

The Emergency Pickup feature has been a thing in PUBG for some time, and it finally came to PUBG Mobile in late August 2021. With this feature, it is possible for players to move towards the center of the Safe Zone quickly.

After using Emergency Pickup, a Fulton Baloon is released from the bag and will fly in the sky. Once the balloon is fully inflated, an airplane will arrive in one minute, and during this wait time, a maximum of four players can attach themselves to the rope. When the plane arrives, it catches the Baloon and transports all players attached to the rope to the center of the Safe Zone.

With the ability to move relatively quickly to the Safe Zone, PUBG Mobile players have been able to come up with all sorts of interesting strategies. If you are a newcomer to the battle royale game, try to master using Emergency Pickup as quickly as possible to gain an edge over the competition.

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How to Use PUBG’s Emergency Pickup Feature


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