How to Use Cookie Run Special Oven: Cookie Run My Magic Oven Guide

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If Cookie Run: Kingdom or Cookie Run: Ovenbreak are your favorite games, then you are in for a treat! Fresh from the oven is a new app just for Cookie Run fans—My Magic Oven. My Magic Oven gives Cookie enthusiasts the chance to design and bake their very own Cookie characters using the art by the Cookie Run artists themselves. The app is available online, as well as for download from the App Store and Google Play. Find out how it works below.

How to Use My Magic Oven

Tap Start to begin your baking journey. This will take you to the main screen where you will see a Cookie ready to be dressed up, and various sections on the right. There is a dice icon if you aren’t sure what design you would like—this randomizes the choices.

A randomised Cookie (via My Magic Oven)

The first option is backdrops—which background do you want for your Cookie? There are 11 to choose from, or you can leave it blank. Do you want to take your Cookie to the beach? Or are they still baking in the oven? The choice is yours!

Add a background! (via My Magic Oven)

The next option is special outfits—these are the best dresses, suits, and costumes meant to be worn on very special occasions, at Christmas, at a party, or at work. Following this tab is the option to add a headpiece—these are ear warmers, antlers, bunny or cat ears, hats, and bows.

You can add a cute special outfit and headpiece! (via My Magic Oven)

Next up are the main hairstyles, with many to choose from. The color can be changed by tapping the color button on the bottom right of your Cookie’s screen.

Change your Cookie’s hairstyle! (via My Magic Oven)

Following the hair is the Cookie base color, and there are 11 colors to choose from: white, grey, green, blue, yellow, red, dark brown, brown, light brown, pink, and beige.

Change the base colour of your Cookie. (via My Magic Oven)

Next, there is a range of footwear to choose from including shiny shoes, sandals, ballet shoes, and rollerskates.

Add shoes! (via My Magic Oven)

A large choice of skirts, pants, and shorts are next in a variety of colors, followed by tops, t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets.

Skirts, shorts, and pants are available! (via My Magic Oven)
Hoodies shirts, and jackets are there to choose. (via My Magic Oven)

Facial details are next—in the next few options, you can add freckles, change the Cookie’s smile, add sections of hair, alter the eye shape, and add eyebrows.

Add freckles if you like! (via My Magic Oven)

Next, there are 2 options to add accessories like necklaces, bags, and bracelets, and then another that offers things like books, surfboards, or magic wands.

Final touches! (via My Magic Oven)

The final option is where you can add sunglasses or a big bushy beard, or even a sophisticated mustache if you’d like! When you have finished, just tap the tick icon to bake your cookie and then save it to your device or computer.

Have fun, and tell us what your favorite designs are in the comments below.

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How to Use Cookie Run Special Oven: Cookie Run My Magic Oven Guide


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