How to Use Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

using cookie cutters feature

Cookie Run: Kingdom uses various resources in the game as currencies. These pay for upgrades, producing materials, exchanging for rewards, and to spend in one of the gachas.

The gacha elements are how players can gain Cookies, Soulstones, Treasures, and Costumes. The Cookie gacha has two currencies that can be used to unlock Cookies and their Soulstones: Crystals and Cookie Cutters. Find out more about Cookie Cutters below!

All About Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Farm Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom
Cookie Cutters

The Cookie Cutters come in two different types:

  • Special Cookie Cutter – a silver cutter for use in the regular Cookie gacha
  • Magic Cookie Cutter – a pinkish cutter for use in the Featured Cookie gacha

These cutters can be obtained as rewards for completing achievements, by exchanging medals or coins in the Medal Shop, or bought from either the Rainbow Shell Gallery or the Store. Cookie Cutters can also be gained as rewards in limited events, so keep an eye out for them!

(Cookie Run Kingdom – Devsisters)

Using a Cookie Cutter does not guarantee you win a Cookie from the gacha—the odds are actually the same as if you were spending Crystals—but they are still a free pull on the gacha! A Magic Cookie Cutter will give you an increased probability of winning the Cookie featured in that gacha.

To use the Cookie Cutter, all you have to do is enter the gacha as you normally would, select which gacha you have the cutter for (either Special Cookie Cutter for the regular Gacha, or magic cutter for the Featured Cookie gacha), and instead of tapping on the Crystals, you tap on your Cookie Cutter.

The Cookie Cutter will pay for one entry into the gacha and you will receive one item—either a Cookie or a Soulstone. Good luck!

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How to Use Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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