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How to Use Bloons TD 6 The Magus Perfectus – Tips and Tricks

How to Use Bloons TD 6 The Magus Perfectus – Tips and Tricks
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Bloons TD 6’s version 37.0 update is finally here, and it introduces the Wizard Monkey’s Paragon form, the Magus Perfectus. The Magus Perfectus is a powerful unit wielding multiple forms of destructive magic, and our guide will show you some tips and tricks on how to use the Magus Perfectus in Bloons TD 6.

Tips and tricks for using the Magus Perfectus in Bloons TD 6

Magus Perfectus is a strong Paragon unit with damage potential similar to the Doomship. In order to use Magus Perfectus effectively, you will need to learn how to micromanage its abilities to the fullest.

Magus Perfectus has two attack modes that can be toggled between at will by clicking the purple arcane rune button. The default attack mode is a Draining Beam that deals light single-target damage while generating graveyard mana from destroyed Bloons.

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The second attack mode is a strong Arcane Spike that deals big damage to MOABs, while reviving any Bloons it destroys. In addition to the Arcane Spike, a Dark Phoenix orbits Magus Pefectus, raining down powerful AoE fire attacks.

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Aside from its normal attacks, Magus Perfectus also comes with two abilities: Phoenix Explosion and Arcane Metamorphosis.

Phoenix Explosion consumes all graveyard mana and sets all active enemy Bloons on fire for 30 seconds, and a Zombie ZOMG is summoned for every 9,000 mana in the graveyard.

Arcane Metamorphosis consumes all graveyard mana and temporarily transforms Magus Perfectus into its ultimate form, where it can unleash extremely powerful fire attacks upon enemies. The more graveyard mana you have, the longer the metamorphosis lasts.

The key to using Magus Perfectus is knowing when to switch between attack modes and which special ability to use. To start off, use the Draining Beam for as long as possible to generate lots of graveyard mana. When MOABs show up, or you just need more damage in general, switch to Arcane Spike/Dark Phoenix mode.

When you are faced with a huge wave of Bloons that are getting past your Magus Perfectus, use Phoenix Explosion to block your lane and damage some Bloons in the process. This strategy depends on your mana reserve, as you spawn more Zombie ZOMGs the more mana you have.

Use Arcane Metamorphosis when you just absolutely need to destroy everything in sight. Not much can withstand the power of a Magus Perfectus under the effects of Arcane Metamorphosis, so save it for key moments, as it has a substantially long cooldown.

Looking for more Bloon-destroying tips? Be sure to check out our dedicated guide section for Bloons TD 6.

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How to Use Bloons TD 6 The Magus Perfectus – Tips and Tricks