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How to Use a Deck Rater for Clash Royale: Deck Rater Guide

How to Use a Deck Rater for Clash Royale: Deck Rater Guide
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Since its launch in 2016, Clash Royale has remained one of the most popular mobile strategy games. Clash Royale is a strategy card game where players battle other players using various characters from Supercell’s brilliant Clashverse. This guide will teach you how to use a Clash Royale Deck Rater to improve your decks.

Guide to Clash Royale: Deck Rater

In Clash Royale, players have to create a deck of eight different cards. With over a hundred unique cards, players can create a wide variety of decks. However, there is no way to check a deck’s pros and cons in-game. Fortunately, players can use deck raters to learn about their deck’s strengths and shortcomings.

For this tutorial, we will use the deck rater tool available on Deckshop.pro website. Go through the following steps to get your Clash Royale deck rated within a few minutes:

  1. Click here to use the Deck Rater tool.
  2. Enter your player tag. You can find your player tag in your profile in Clash Royale.
  3. If you cannot access Clash Royale, you can manually select cards and create the deck you want to check.
  4. After completing a deck, click on the “Check deck!” button.

Then, the tool will show you the deck’s stats, problems, and warnings. The tool will rate the Attack, Defense, Synergy, and Versatility of the deck and give a F2P score, depending on the rarity of the cards. Deck Rater tool also shows major problems with the deck, such as lack of DPS cards, spell cards, or high elixir cost.

The Deck Rater tool will also suggest changes you can make to improve your Clash Royale deck. If you want to improve your Clash Royale decks, give the deck rater tool a try. Be sure to fix the warnings and problems shown to polish up your deck in Clash Royale.

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How to Use a Deck Rater for Clash Royale: Deck Rater Guide


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