How to Unlock the First Dragon from the Pasture in Evony The King’s Return


Evony: The King’s Return is a strategy MMO with puzzles to complete and battles to win. Players can join alliances, become an epic warlord and monarch, and battle across the epic animated world map. Dragons exist in this amazing world, and to get dragons on your side you are going to have to fulfil some key requirements.

This guide will show how to unlock the first Dragon from the Pasture in Evony: The King’s Return.

How to Unlock Dragons in Evony King’s Return

Dragons are support for the game’s General by boosting his abilities and power. There are 8 different types of Dragons, all of which are available from 2 different places in the map.

  • Pasture Dragons: Celtic Dragon, Fafnir
  • Sacred Dragons: Norway Ridge, Dragon of Thebes, Nidhogg, Ladon, Amaterasu Dragon.

The 2 Pasture Dragons are the easiest to obtain. Before you can access either the Celtic or Fafnir dragons, you must first have your Pasture levelled up to Level 26 or over. Once your Pasture is at the right level it will no longer be shaded out on your map.

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The Pasture (via Evony The King’s Return)

Visit the Pasture to obtain your first dragon: the Celtic Dragon. This one is unlocked at Pasture Level 26 and with 300,000 Gems. This may seem like a lot of gems for your first Dragon but it is worth it! At its base level the Celtic Dragon has the following General Attribute Boosts:

  • General Attack +6
  • General Defense +6
  • General Politics +6
  • General Leadership +6

To increase your Dragon’s level and its usefulness, you will need to feed it. This is pretty expensive but, again, well worth it if you want to boost your General’s attributes and make him as powerful as you can.

That is all you need to know about getting your first Dragon from the Pastures in Evony: The King’s Return. For more information about Evony: The King’s Return visit our dedicated guide section.

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How to Unlock the First Dragon from the Pasture in Evony The King’s Return


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