How to Unlock the Baryonyx in Jurassic World Alive


Jurassic World Alive is an exciting game set in the Jurassic World universe. The game uses an AR system similar to the one in Pokemon Go. The main task of the players is to grow different dinosaurs and use them in battles with other players. There are many interesting dinosaurs in the game. And in this guide, we want to tell you how to get Baryonyx.

How to Unlock the Baryonyx

Baryonyx is a very useful epic dinosaur that many players want to get. Its base speed is 124, which is faster than most other dinosaurs. Its skills can increase damage power, and deal powerful hits to enemies. To unlock Baryonyx, you need to collect its 150 DNA points. There are many ways to get DNA points and the most basic one is hunting dinosaurs. 

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To do this, you need to find spawn locations on the map. These locations are divided into several types:

  • Global Spawns
  • Park Spawns
  • Nest Spawns
  • Local Area Spawns

Baryonyx can only be found in Global spawns. This means that you can find this dinosaur anywhere on the map. It will take a long time, but you can find it. Next, when you get close to Baryonyx you need to use the drone. You will control the drone by aiming and shooting at the dinosaur with darts. This is how you will collect DNA points. Once you have collected enough, simply go to the Collections menu, find Baryonyx and click the Create button. We hope this guide was useful to you.

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How to Unlock the Baryonyx in Jurassic World Alive


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