NEO: The World Ends With You

The Nintendo Switch lacks a system-wide achievement system, so it is up to developers to come up with a similar system that rewards players for achieving certain milestones or completing side content. NEO: The World Ends With You does feature such a system, the Graffiti System, which rewards you for completing certain tasks.

Here’s how to unlock all of the graffiti in NEO: The World Ends With.

How to Unlock New Graffiti in NEO: The World Ends With You

NEO: The World Ends With You will reward you with different graffiti after completing certain tasks. Many of these graffiti can be obtained by simply playing the game, as you will complete select tasks automatically over time, while a few others require you to go out of your way to unlock.

GraffitiHow to Unlock
This Trophy Ends with YouCollect all Graffiti
Secret SleuthFind all Secret Reports
Noise Know-It-All80% Noisepedia completion
Favorite CustomerReach VIP Level 5 with every brand
Famous FoodieBecome a regular at every restaurant
True PinthusiastCollect all pins
TheraperfectGet gold ranking in 15 Dive missions
Sultan of SlamEarn all Scramble Slam rewards
Skill SavvyUnlock all Social Network rewards
Bring the Noise!Complete the Final Time Trial
Beginner’s Luck Only HumanWin your first battle
Risk vs. ReturnWin an 8-reduction chain battle
High-Stakes HijinksWin a 20-reduction chain battle
Killer RemixErase a group of Noise using a Killer Remix
In Perfect SyncLand enough Beatdrop Combos to boost your Groove above 200%
Hunter Take down 1,500 enemies
PunisherTake down 3,000 enemies
SilencerTake down 6,000 enemies.
Master of the EnemiesTake down every type of Noise
Valued CustomerReach VIP Level 5 with a single brand
Super ShopperReach VIP Level 5 with 8 different brands
FashionistaPurchase every fashion item
Full Tummy, Happy HeartGo over 100% fullness
Familiar FaceBecome a regular at a single restaurant
Experiment EaterEat every type of food
Dress-up DebutWear a full outfit
Brand AmbassadorWear a full outfit composed of Threads of a single brand
Passion 4 FashionAll party members wear a full outfit
You Wear it WellUnlock all abilities of an outfit
Super StylishWear a full outfit of clothing whose abilities all require over 100 Style
Made of MoneyPossess ¥999,999
All Grown UpReach Level 100
My First PinMaster one type of pin
Ten Pin MasterMaster 10 types of pins
Play to PinMaster 30 types of pins.
Pin PincherMaster 50 types of pins.
Pins AplentyMaster 100 types of pins
Plethora of PinsMaster 200 types of pins
Pin PerfectionMaster 300 types of pins
Full HouseEquip a 6-pin set
Viva la EvolutionEvolve a pin
No Music, No LifeCollect all CDs
Rise of the Pig KingErase all Pig Noise
Photographic MemoryComplete all Remind images
City WalkerVisit all areas of Shibuya.
Social ButterflyConnect your entire social network

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