Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Any self-respecting hack and slash game needs its own share of unlockable secrets, and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity doesn’t disappoint in this regard, featuring multiple secret characters to unlock. Among them is the powerful Monk Maz Koshia.

Unlocking the Sheikah monk is a little complicated, and it involves some grinding, but the effort is going to be well worth it. Monk Maz Koshia is very fun character to use, so you will want to unlock the Sheikah sage as soon as you are able to spice up the experience.

How to Unlock Monk Maz Koshia

To even have the chance to unlock the character, you will have to complete the second mission of Chapter 4. After this is done, you will have to unlock three optional challenges – The Trial of Monsters, The Trial of the Mighty Foe, and The Trial of the Stones. Once the challenges are unlocked and completed, you will then have to right Monk Maz Koshia in a level 38 Trial of the Ancient challenge. Upon defeat, the monk will join your party and help you save Hyrule.

Unlocking the Trials

The only truly tricky part of unlocking Monk Maz Koshia is unlocking the three trials, as they require a certain amount of items, including monster trophies.

To unlock the Trials of Monsters you need 5 Ethereal Stones, 350 Bokoblin Trophies, 100 Lizalfos Trophies, 3 Wizzrobe Trophies and 20 Moblin Trophies.

To unlock the Trial of the Mighty Foe, you need 10 Ethereal Stones, 1 Stone Talus Trophy, 3 Hinox Trophies and 3 Lynel Trophies.

To unlock the Trial of the Stones, you need 7 Etheral Stones, 10 Ambers, 5 Topazes, 5 Rubies and 2 Diamonds.

Farming Items and Trophies

Getting all the items required to unlock the Trials can be time-consuming, but things become less frustrating if you know where to look. Hinox trophies can be acquired fairly quickly in Echoing Footsteps, Lyne trophies in Cross the Hebra Mountains and Stone Talus trophies in Cross the Volcano. The jewels are mostly obtained during missions, but if you have some Rupees to burn, you can purchase them from merchants. Ethereal Stones are obtained by completing missions and challenges, so you should have no trouble if you have been doing optional challenges up until Chapter 4.

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