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How to Unlock Gold Rank Skin in Fortnite Rocket Racing

How to Unlock Gold Rank Skin in Fortnite Rocket Racing
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Fortnite Rocket Racing has rocketed onto the scene, and if you race enough matches, you can win a free new exclusive skin! Here’s how to unlock the Gold rank skin in Fortnite Rocket Racing.

Unlocking the Jackie Gold Rank Skin in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Fortnite Rocket Racing is finally here, brought to you by the team that developed Rocket League. As such, expect tons of adrenaline-pumping tracks, lots of high-flying maneuvers, and of course some sick tracks. The game features a competitive ranked mode as its main mode, so the best racers can show off their stuff by conquering the competition.

To celebrate the launch of Rocket Racing‘s season zero, there’s a special limited-time Fortnite quest that players can complete to earn an exclusive Jackie skin! She’s one of the main characters of Rocket Racing, but you can use her in any other Fortnite mode.

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To unlock the Jackie skin, you must finish the quest that requires you to reach Gold rank. And how do you rank up in Rocket Racing? Winning races, of course! You start season zero at Bronze I, and winning races nets you some rank points.

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The higher you place, the more rank points you earn. Placing first obviously gets you the most points, but even if you nab second or below, you can still earn some points. Try your best and aim for the top! You can check how many points you earn by selecting the Ranked Recap tab after every race.

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You start in Bronze, and each tier has three ranks to it—Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze II, and so forth. Once you advance past the third rank, you move up into the next tier. Here are all the tiers:

  • Bronze I, II, III
  • Silver I, II, III
  • Gold I, II, III
  • Platinum I, II, III
  • Diamond I, II, III
  • Elite
  • Champion
  • Unreal

Note that there was a bug where players didn’t earn the skin upon reaching Gold rank. Thankfully, Epic seems to have hot-fixed this within the past day, so reaching Gold I should be enough now to complete the quest.

Tips for Winning Races in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Rocket Racing is all about control and maintaining speed. Here are some quick tips to help you master the road!

  • Drift as much as you can. The longer your drifts, the bigger speed boost you get, and you also build up your turbo meter faster. Even if the turns aren’t too big, you can still squeeze some small drifts in. Every little bit helps!
  • Use your turbo wisely. You can hold up to three charges of turbo, and knowing when to use them can make all the difference. If you’re falling way behind the pack, use turbo to catch up. If you’ve got a comfortable lead in front, stockpile your turbos in case of emergency. Learn to read the road, and adapt!
  • Use air dodge to find new routes. On the tracks with tunnels, you can often use air dodge to flip onto the ceiling. The tracks love hiding boost pads on the ceilings, so use air dodge to find the optimal route.
  • Search for shortcuts. Many tracks feature at least one secret shortcut around the track. Keep your eyes peeled—they’re usually not that well-hidden!

We wish you luck on your journey to Gold rank in Fortnite Rocket Racing! If you have any other racing tips, let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out the rest of our Fortnite guides.

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How to Unlock Gold Rank Skin in Fortnite Rocket Racing