How to Unlock Ashwinder Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy

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Character customization is one of the necessary aspects of Hogwarts Legacy. It includes changing the robe, handwear, hat, outfit, and other clothes. In this guide, you will find out how to unlock Ashwinder Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy. 

How to Get Ashwinder Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy 

Although some consider that the process of unlocking Ashwinder Outfit works like any other piece of equipment in the game, it appears to be different in practice. Ashwinder Outfit has unique unlocking conditions. It is impossible to find this outfit inside chests like other clothes.

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The only way to get Ashwinder Outfit is to head to the south part of the Feldcroft region. Here you will see the Battle Arena, which features Ashwinder Outfit as a reward.  If you struggle to find this location, check the image below with this area on the map.

Once you are here, destroy all the vases in the different corners of the arena. It might take a long time. So, use Revelio to simplify the searching process.

After that, head to the center of the area and interact with the statue called Battle Arena. Doing it will start the particular challenge with Ashwinder outfit as a reward.

How to Complete Battle Arena Challenge

The best strategy to complete the Battle Arena is to play defensively. Learn how to dodge attacks and fight to practice your skills against multiple enemies. If you learned Dark Arts, consider that using Avada Kedavra and Imperio is one of the best ways to cope with the waves of enemies.

That’s it with unlocking Ashwinder Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though some players consider it can be easily found inside chests, this legendary piece of gear can be unlocked only by completing the Battle Arena in Feldcroft. Fortunately, it is a straightforward challenge that can be completed even if you are a beginner. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to unlock Plaid Vest School Uniform in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Unlock Ashwinder Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy


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