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How To Unlock All Red Items In Risk of Rain 2

How To Unlock All Red Items In Risk of Rain 2
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Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person roguelite shooter. You play as a crew member of the UES Safe Travels, a scouting ship sent on a mission to discover what happened to the UES Contact Light after it crash-landed on Petrichor V. Turns out, this planet isn’t so friendly, so you’ll need to collect items and weapons to help you survive. Today, we’ll show you how to unlock all red items in Risk of Rain 2!

Unlocking All Red Legendary Items in Risk of Rain 2

You start your adventure in Risk of Rain 2 with nothing but your basic abilities. As you defeat the hostile wild life and open chests, you’ll find various types of items, which boost your abilities and grant new passive skills.

Items come in seven different rarity types: common, uncommon, legendary, boss, lunar, and void. There are also equipment items that give you special active abilities that you can manually activate.

This guide will cover legendary, or red, items. Legendary items, as their name implies, are quite strong and grant your character some nifty new tricks. There are a total of 28 different legendary items in the game, with exactly eight of them needing to be unlocked before they can be found. Here are all eight:

  • Unstable Tesla Coil
  • Soulbound Catalyst
  • Sentient Meat Hook
  • Rejuvenation Rack
  • Her Concepts
  • Dio’s Best Friend
  • 57 Leaf Clover
  • Brainstalks

The Unstable Tesla Coil unlocks after completing the Macho challenge. Macho requires you to deal 5,000 damage in a single shot. Although this sounds high, it can be easily completed with lots of Crowbars and using a character with a powerful, single attack.

The Soulbound Catalyst unlocks after completing the Newtist challenge, which requires you to activate eight unique Newt Altars, so you’ll need eight Lunar Coins. You don’t have to do this all in one run, you just have to activate different altars.

The Sentient Meat hook unlocks after completing the Deja Vu? challenge, which requires you to loop back to the first level by using the Primordial Teleporter in the Sky Meadow after it starts shifting.

The Rejuvenation Rack unlocks after completing the Naturopath challenge, which requires you reach the third stage without healing. Any items that actively heal you, like the Bustling Fungus and Medkit, will disqualify you from this challenge. However, items that increase your natural HP regeneration are allowed.

Her Concepts is unlocked by finding the secret Altar to N’kuhana. This secret area can be found in the Wetland stage. Find the platform with a long pipe that sticks out over the edge—look below it, and you should see a small cave entrance with vines sticking out. Fall into the cave to enter the secret area. You should find a skeleton hanging from a rope, so destroy it to complete the challenge.

(via Risk of Rain 2 Wiki)

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Dio’s Best Friend unlocks after completing The Lone Survivor challenge, which requires you to stay alive for 30 minutes. You’ll probably complete this naturally as you’re trying to complete the game, but you can pretty much finish it anywhere. Activate the teleporter, defeat the boss, clear out any remaining enemies, and just wait.

The 57 Leaf Clover unlocks after completing The Long Road challenge, which requires you to complete 20 stages in a single run. Once you reach Sky Meadow for the fourth time, this challenge will be completed.

The Brainstalks are unlocked after completing the Deicide challenge, which requires you to defeat an elite boss on Monsoon difficulty. Elite bosses show up frequently on Monsoon difficulty, so just do your best and fight to survive.

That covers just about all the unlockable red legendary items. That concludes our guide on how to unlock all red items in Risk of Rain 2, so if you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How To Unlock All Red Items In Risk of Rain 2


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