How to Unlock All Endings in NEO: The World Ends With You

NEO: The World Ends With You

NEO: The World Ends With You is a somewhat linear role-playing game where exploration is limited to a few set locations. Despite its linearity, the game does feature its fair share of secrets to discover, including a few additional endings that shed more light on the events that happen during the course of the game.

Here are how to unlock all of the endings in NEO: The World Ends With You.

How to Unlock All Endings in NEO: The World Ends With You

Main Game Ending

The main ending in NEO: The World Ends With You is the regular ending that is unlocked by completing the game without completing all sidequests. Just play through the story, reach the Final Day, defeat the final boss and enjoy the conclusion of Rindo’s story.

Main Game Secret Ending

The Main Game Secret Ending can be unlocked after completing the game once. After this is done, you will have the chance to play through all of the previous chapters again to obtain the Secret Reports, which reveal more on what was happening behind the scenes during the main campaign. Get all of them and play the final chapter again to unlock the first secret ending.

Another Day Ending

After completing the game once, you also unlock the Another Day chapter, an extra story chapter separate from the main story but that still has some connection to it. Complete the tasks set upon you without worrying about side content to unlock the regular Another Day Ending.

Another Day Secret Ending

To unlock the Another Day Secret Ending, you will have to clear all of the sidequests found in the secret chapter. This means you will have to find and defeat all 5 Pig Noise, complete Rhyme’s 10-reduction Dive challenge, complete Coco’s Time Trials, and defeat the power secret boss Felidae Cantus, who can be found in the Expressway Underpass. Clear all these quests, complete the chapter and you will unlock the Another Day Secret Ending.

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How to Unlock All Endings in NEO: The World Ends With You


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