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How to Unlock All Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble | Guide & Tips

Learn some tips for unlocking all the characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Welcome to My Hero Ultra Rumble, a battle royale brawler based on the hit anime and manga series. If you want to unlock your favorite hero, here are some tips on how to unlock all characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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Tips for unlocking all characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Everyone starts My Hero Ultra Rumble with only a few characters to play as, like Deku and Ochaco, just to give them a taste of the different hero classes and abilities. Since the game is free-to-play, it uses multiple ways to unlock more characters, including a gacha-style system. Here are some pointers you should know when it comes to unlocking characters.

Unlocking characters with temporary character cards

You get three character cards every day. You can play as any character in the game in any mode by spending a character card. Once you use up all three character cards for the day, you have to wait until tomorrow to get more.

Using a character card isn’t technically unlocking them, but you get to try them out, at least. Character cards are perfect if you want to try out a character in a real match, but don’t want to commit the resources to unlocking them permanently.

You can also read the complete My Hero Ultra Rumble tier list that we have written if you’re eager to learn which are the best characters in the game at the moment!

Unlocking characters through the Special License

There are two licenses in My Hero Ultra Rumble: Season License and Special License. The Season License works like a typical battle pass—every one starts out with the free Hero version. You unlock helpful goodies as you progress through the pass, but nothing too noteworthy.

What we’re more interested in is the Special License. This is a persistent license that effectively acts as your overall player level. You earn license experience for every match, and you unlock characters permanently at certain levels. They are as follows:

  • Rank 2: Katsuki Bakugo
  • Rank 3: Shoto Todoroki
  • Rank 7: Tsuyu Asui
  • Rank 13: Mr. Compress
  • Rank 15: Himiko Toga
  • Rank 30: All Might
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Beware that leveling the Special License takes a very long time. You only get so much experience for each match, and you need absurd amounts of experience per rank to reach the next. If you want to be a strictly free player, unlocking characters through the Special License requires a lot of grinding.

Unlocking characters through the Roll gacha

The roll system works like a typical gacha-style pulling system. You pick a banner, then pull once or ten times. You can spend either Hero Crystals or Roll Tickets to perform the pulls. You also get exchange points per roll, and you can summon a character at 200 points.

Hero Crystals can be bought with real money or earned through in-game events. Roll Tickets are primarily earned through in-game achievements, but they can also be bought with Hero Crystals in the premium shop.

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The character drop rates from the rolls are, as you can probably imagine, abysmally low, usually below 1%. Even so, each roll nets you exchange points, so if you keep on rolling, you’ll eventually be able to afford a character.

Unlocking characters through Character Tickets

Characters can be permanently unlocked with extremely rare Character Tickets. These golden tickets are very rarely handed out during in-game events and promotions. Otherwise, the only way to get them is by buying them with Hero Souls in the Premium Shop. You earn Hero Souls every time you receive duplicates from the roll gacha.

The game starts every player out with one Character Tickets, so think long and hard about which character you want to use it on. Keep in mind that not every character can be unlocked using Character Tickets. The ones that can be unlocked are determined by the current banners in the roll gacha. If there’s a character you want that cannot be unlocked with a Character Ticket, it’s best to hold onto it for later.

My Hero Ultra Rumble is pretty similar to other gacha-style games. If you have any other tips for unlocking characters, let us know in the comments below.

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How to Unlock All Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble | Guide & Tips