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How to Unlock All Characters in Dumb Ways to Die

How to Unlock All Characters in Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is a mobile game developed to promote railway safety and raise awareness about the dangers of reckless behavior around trains. And it achieves this goal through a collection of 82 funny mini-games.

In Dumb Ways to Die, your goal is to prevent beans from dying in silly ways over various types of mini-games. You will encounter many unique characters in your journey, and in this guide you can learn how to unlock all of them.

Unlocking all characters in Dumb Ways to Die

In the home screen of Dumb Ways to Die, there is a train station where all unlocked beans are shown. Older versions of the game only required to accumulate a few points to unlock all characters, but nowadays, one has to collect thousands and thousands of points to access new characters.

To unlock all characters in Dumb Ways to Die, you can complete mini-game challenges, achieve high scores, watch promotional videos, earn in-game currency, and participate in special events.

Dumb Ways to Die character

Here are all the characters obtainable through collecting points in Dumb Ways to Die:

  • Pillock: 39,200 points
  • Dummkopf: 80,000 points
  • Mishap: 204,800 points
  • Putz: 288,800 points
  • Dippy: 387,200 points
  • Numpty: 500,000 points
  • Lax: 627,200 points
  • Calamity: 768,800 points
  • Stumble: 924,800 points
  • Doofus: 1,095,200 points
  • Numskull: 1,280,000 points
  • Botch: 1,479,200 points
  • Ninny: 1,692,800 points
  • Bonehead: 1,920,800 points
  • Dimwit: 2,163,200 points
  • Stupe: 2,691,200 points

In the bottom left corner of the home screen, you can see how many points are needed to unlock the next character. There are other characters besides these, but some are given out during events, so you may not be able to get them later, and a few are also obtainable by completing daily challenges.

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While unlocking these bean-shaped silly characters, you also unlock many cosmetics, decorations, and skins for your character. In the version 2.0 update, developers introduced the Build A Bean feature, allowing players to decorate their characters, and you can give it a try to make the game more entertaining. 

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How to Unlock All Characters in Dumb Ways to Die


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