Castle Crashers is a hack and slash videogame that bolsters a plethora of playable characters. A few characters in Castle Crashers are already available to choose from and play. Many of them are unlockable by fulfilling set criteria. In this guide, we will share details on how to unlock all characters in Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers: Unlocking all characters

Unlocking characters in Castle Crashers requires you to complete the game multiple times using different characters, game modes and other things. Thanks to Steam user Chiki Briki. We have managed to compile the list of all characters and how to unlock them.

  1. Red Knight – Unlocked.
  2. Skeleton – Complete the game with Red Knight to unlock Skeleton character.
  3. Bear – Complete the game with Skeleton to unlock Bear character.
  4. Orange Knight – Unlocked.
  5. Fire Demon – Complete the game with Orange Knight to unlock the Fire Demon character.
  6. Ninja – Complete the game with Fire Demon to unlock Ninja character.
  7. Blue Knight – Unlocked.
  8. Industrialist – Complete the game with Blue Knight to unlock the Industrialist character.
  9. Fencer – Complete the game with Industrialist to unlock the Fencer character.
  10. Green Knight – Unlocked.
  11. Royale Guard – Complete the game with Green Knight to unlock Royale Guard.
  12. Saracen – Complete the game with Royale Guard to unlock Saracen character.
  13. Gray Knight – Unlocked.
  14. Stove Face – Complete the game with Gray Knight to unlock the Stove Face character.
  15. Barbarian – Complete the King’s Arena level to unlock the Barbarian character.
  16. Beekeeper – Complete the game with Barbarian to unlock Beekeeper character.
  17. Thief – Complete the Thief Arena level to unlock the Thief character. 
  18. Snakey – Complete the game with Thief to unlock Snakey character.
  19. Peasant – Complete the Peasant Arena level to unlock the Peasant character. 
  20. Civilian – Complete the game with Peasant to unlock Civilian.
  21. Iceskimo – Complete the Icy Arena level to unlock the Iceskimo character.
  22. Brute – Complete the game with Iceskimo to unlock Brute.
  23. Conehead – Complete the Volcano Arena level to unlock the Conehead character.
  24. Alien Hominid – Complete the Alien Ship stage to unlock the Alien Hominid character.
  25. King – Complete the Cave stage in Insane mode to unlock the King character. [Note: Insane Mode is unlocked by completing the game with any character.]
  26. Open Face Gray Knight – Complete Catfish on Insane mode to unlock Open Face Gray Knight.
  27. Necromancer – Complete Industrial Castle on Insane mode to unlock Necromancer character.
  28. Cult Minion – Complete Ice Castle on Insane mode to unlock the Cult Minion character.

DLC Character

There is a character called Hatty that you (could) have unlocked if you bought BattleBlock theater.

Castle Crashers is a 2D hack and slash game currently available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Classic Mac OS platforms.

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How to unlock all characters in Castle Crashers


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