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How to Unlock all Achievements in Frog Detective 3

How to Unlock all Achievements in Frog Detective 3

Frog Detective 3 is an indie adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a detective frog who must solve the Wild West’s mysteries to uncover the secrets and truth behind some uncanny events. Despite being an indie title, the game offers six achievements that players can unlock to show their mastery of the game. While some of the Frog Detective 3 achievements are direct, some are hidden in its world and are easy to miss. But to ensure you remain a completionist, we are here with our handy guide on how to unlock all achievements in Frog Detective 3. 

How to Unlock all Achievements in Frog Detective 3

You can unlock all achievements in Frog Detective 3 by completing specific tasks and challenges. That said, the game offers six achievements, out of which three are unlocked by progressing the game’s story. These are:

  • Made It To Town
  • Bad Room
  • Monkey

Apart from that, to get the remaining achievements, Graveyard Break In, Haunted Photo, and Kiss. There are certain things you must do:

  • Graveyard Break In – To get this achievement in Frog Detective 3, you must use your Scooter to reach the Town’s Graveyard right after you meet the Lobster Cop. And then use the nearby inclined surface to jump over the fence. While you cannot cross the fence, trying to get over it will earn you the Graveyard Break-In achievement. 
  • Haunted Photo – To unlock the Haunted Photo achievement, you must first talk to Craig about the Ghost Spotters league. You will find him at the Post Office. Next, visit the Saloon and talk to the Cashier about Ghost photos. Check out every picture the Cashier shows to spawn another picture you can pick and bring to Pistol. Interact with him, talk about Muse, and then give the picture to Pistol. Doing so will unlock the Haunted Photo achievement.  
  • Kiss – Complete the game, wait till the credits are over, and you find yourself back in your office. Once that happens, take a Clue Detecting Powder and go towards the end of the hallway till you see three pictures near the door. Next, use the Clue Detecting Powder on each picture until a kiss mark appears. Once that happens, you will get the kiss achievement. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how to unlock all achievements in Frog Detective 3. For more on Frog Detective 3, check out our dedicated Guides section.

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How to Unlock all Achievements in Frog Detective 3


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