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How to Turn On the Microphone in Rec Room and Fix It

How to Turn On the Microphone in Rec Room and Fix It

In Rec Room, you can create different rooms with different games. Of course, it’s much more fun to complete different room quests with friends or just funny strangers. The game has a convenient voice chat so you can fully enjoy the multiplayer. But some players are experiencing problems with this feature, so in this guide, we will tell you how to fix it.

How to Fix Microphone in Rec Room

There are several possible solutions to microphone problems, so you can find the right one.

The first and simplest problem might be the microphone itself. It may be broken or have a damaged connection. It is easy to check by reconnecting it to a PC or another device. If everything is in order, move on to the next option.

Perhaps your microphone is simply unavailable for the system or some apps. Go to the microphone settings and see if all applications have the allowed access to this microphone. If not, then give access.

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Also, your microphone may not be selected by default. Although it usually sets the device by default, sometimes it doesn’t work as it should. Go to sound settings and select recording devices. Now select your connected microphone as the default device.

And the last possible problem is outdated drivers, due to which the microphone may not work correctly. You need to go to the website of your device manufacturer and install the latest drivers suitable for your microphone model. You can also use third-party applications that find, download and install the necessary drivers themselves.

By trying all the steps, you should be able to fix your microphone problem. To turn on the microphone in the game, you must open the watch menu and go to the settings. On the audio tab, drag the My Microphone slider to the On position.

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How to Turn On the Microphone in Rec Room and Fix It


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