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How to Transfer a House from One World to Another in Minecraft

How to Transfer a House from One World to Another in Minecraft
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In this article, we will explain how to transfer a house in Minecraft from one world to another. To transfer buildings and various constructions from one map to another, you need to have the WorldEdit plugin on your server. Read on to learn more about this process in detail.

Commands to Move Your House From One World to Another in Minecraft

  • // wand – get a magic hatchet
  • // cut – cutting of a certain area, which will be in the clipboard
  • // schematic save Title. – creating a schematic file in the root of the WorldEdit plugin
  • // schematic Load Name. – adding a schematic file to the clipboard
  • // paste – paste the area you are copying to another map
  • // undo – undoes the previous action

How to Transfer Your Building in Minecraft

  • Choose your building
  • Take a hatchet in your hand and select your building from corner to corner
  • Your building should be inside the grid that appears
  • Write // cut and cut the building
  • Write // schematic save file name. The file name is the name of the file with the schematic structure
  • If your server is hosted, you need to go to the FTP server, and if it is on a computer, then to the folder with the server
  • Then go to the plugins folder and look for the WorldEdit folder, open it and find it in the schematics folder. This folder contains the file with a schematic construction
  • Going into the schematics folder, copy the file, the name of which you gave in the game, and transfer it to any accessible place
  • Go to the second server and perform the same actions that you did in the first server (/ plugins / WorldEdit / schematics)
  • Restart the second server and go to it again
  • After you logged into the second server, write the command // schematic Load File name
  • After this, find the place where you want to insert the building and write // paste
  • If you made a mistake with the place or changed your mind, then just write // undo, undoing the previous command, and change it.

We hope this guide helped you solve your problem.

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How to Transfer a House from One World to Another in Minecraft


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