How to Throw a Knife in Roblox Breaking Point


There are a huge variety of different Roblox games. And every day there are more and more of them. On this platform, you can find RPGs, horror, life simulations, quests, and many other genres. And Roblox Breaking Point is an exciting game with various duels. The game has different weapons. And in this guide, we will tell you how to throw a Knife in Roblox Breaking Point.

How to Throw a Knife in Roblox Breaking Point

Among the huge variety of Roblox games, there are very interesting and unique titles, for example, Roblox Breaking Point. This game is a duel simulator. However, just shooting at each other after the countdown would be very boring. Therefore, the developers have made several exciting modes in the game, in which many players can play, but only two players always participate in a duel.

There are 4 modes in total. You can choose one in the lobby, or do nothing, and the game randomly chooses. The rules in mods are different, but in all of them, you must use a weapon.

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The game has Guns and Knives. You can change their skins, but that’s about all you can do with the weapons. It is worth noting that sometimes the Gun can misfire. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Knife.

The Knife is your main weapon, and if you learn how to handle it, you can win any duel. Moreover, you can throw the Knife. To do this, you need to press and hold the left mouse button. If you are playing on a mobile device, tap and hold the attack button. This way you can kill your opponent from a distance. Also throwing the Knife you can break the light bulb.

That’s all you need to know about Knife Throwing in Roblox Breaking Point. Follow our advice and kill your opponents using the Knife. And we hope you enjoy this guide.

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How to Throw a Knife in Roblox Breaking Point


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