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How to Teleport in ARK: Fjordur – ARK: Survival Guide

How to Teleport in ARK: Fjordur – ARK: Survival Guide

From fighting off dangerous creatures and taming the biggest of them, there are a lot of wild animals in ARK: Survival that you will come across, many of which will attempt to bite your head off. But with the right gear and equipment, you’ll be able to protect yourself from even the most vicious predators.

Teleportation is possible in ARK, and with the new ARK: Fjordur expansion, players can now travel to three more realms in this new map. Although you can spend a lot of time in the main Fjordur regions, you’re going to have to travel between realms eventually. So in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to teleport in ARK: Fjordur.

How to Teleport in ARK: Fjordur – ARK: Survival Guide

As aforesaid, you can stay in Fjordur for a while, but if you want to reach other realms like Asgard, Jotunheim, or Vanaheim, you’ll have to teleport between them. And you cannot advance in the game without collecting some of the necessary resources and items in the three aforementioned realms.

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So, before you can teleport, you’ll need to go to these coordinates: 40.1, 47.7. These will take you to the behemoth portals for all three realms. You can find the three portals inside of a cave at the above coordinates, so once you get there, head inside the cave and just make your way through it, as it’s not a long walk.

Upon making your way inside the cave and locating all three portals, you’ll be able to teleport to different realms and it’s worth adding that each portal represents a different realm:

Left One – Vanaheim

Middle One – Asgard

Right One – Jotunheim

There should be a teleporter in front of each portal, so if you want to teleport to that specific realm, simply open the teleporter’s inventory using the interact key. Then click on the teleporter to teleport to the realm of your choice.

One of the best things about ARK: Survival is its regular updates that almost always bring new content to make the game more exciting and reel in more players. And whether you’re playing the game solo or teaming up with friends, you’re going to need some help once in a while. For more information on co-op through the Epic Games Store, check out our ARK: Survival Evolved guide.

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How to Teleport in ARK: Fjordur – ARK: Survival Guide


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