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How to Tame a Dire Bear in ARK: Survival Evolved

How to Tame a Dire Bear in ARK: Survival Evolved
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Ark has its fair share of fantastic dinosaurs, but we can’t forget about the mammals and birds too. Powerful and sturdy, they are definitely worth taming, particularly the Dire Bear. This tanky creature is strong, can travel long distances, and has a pretty flexible diet, making it easy to take care of. As they are aggressive when approached, you will have to take caution when coming to tame them. This is how to tame a Dire Bear in ARK: Survival Evolved.

How To Approach A Dire Bear

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Dire Bears are extremely territorial and as a result, they will attack you if you get too close. Therefore, you have to treat them as if they were an aggressive carnivore and knock them out or trap them to tame it.

How To Knock Out A Dire Bear

Taming a Dire Bear in Ark Survival Evolved.

As it is quite a sturdy animal, the Dire Bear needs to be hit with a high dose of tranquilizers in order to knock it out. Your best bet here will be to use the Shocking Tranquilizer Darts or regular ones if you don’t have the former.

How To Avoid Being Attacked By A Dire Bear

The Dire Bear does a lot of damage and can deplete all of your HP very quickly, so before going in, make sure you have some kind of means to keep yourself safe. Anything you can use to put a significant amount of elevation or barrier between you and the bear will work. Since the bear will charge at you, you can even make a trap with high walls and a ramp that will keep it inside. You can also bait it to run between foliage and accidentally trap itself.

Food That Will Tame A Dire Bear

Bears will basically eat anything, from most raw and cooked meats to honey and berries. The two food items that will tame it the fastest in the smallest quantity are the Giant Bee Honey or Superior Kibble, but anything you have on hand will work, it will just take a lot longer to tame. Keep feeding it, and eventually it will become yours.

The Dire Bear is a powerful unit that can protect you from a lot of the dangerous creatures in Ark. To learn more about taming the animals of the game, follow our guide coverage at Touch Tap Play!

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How to Tame a Dire Bear in ARK: Survival Evolved


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