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How to Take Two Potions at Once in Hogwarts Legacy – Guide

How to Take Two Potions at Once in Hogwarts Legacy – Guide
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Hogwarts Legacy has quests and challenges as young witches and wizards progress through the game. Some of these may prove trickier than others, and if this proves to be the case then we are here to help! At some point, players will be asked to acquire 2 different potion effects at the same time which can be achieved by taking two potions at once. Find out below how to take two potions at once in Hogwarts Legacy – guide.

Hogwarts Legacy: Acquiring and Using Maxima and Edurus Potions Together

One of the many quests in Hogwarts Legacy asks players to ‘Acquire Maxima and Edurus Potions and Use Them Simultaneously‘. Professor Sharp asks you to test yourself under the effects of those potions. These potions can be purchased from an apothecary, specifically J. Pippins Potions, situated in West Hogsmead.

  • Maxima Potion: increases the drinker’s spell damage to a limited amount of time
  • Edurus Potion: enhances the drinker’s defence by covering them with durable rocky skin

Travel to J. Pippins Potions by clicking the Hogsmead Map, and finding the apothecary shop (shown to have a purple bottle icon) in the western area of Hogsmead. Speak to Parry Pippin inside the potions shop, and look through his potions. Each of the potions costs 300 coins.

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Buying potions at J. Pippins in Hogsmead (via Hogwarts Legacy)

To complete the quest, you must equip either potion and drink it. Straight away, equip the next potion and drink that one too before the effects of the first wears off. When the notification pops up that the quest is complete, return to the Potions classroom to talk to the professor.

That is all you need to know about using two potions at once in Hogwarts Legacy. Go and check out some of our other guides for this game in our Hogwarts Legacy section. Good luck.

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How to Take Two Potions at Once in Hogwarts Legacy – Guide


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