Monster Hunter Rise

During the course of your adventure in Monster Hunter Rise, you will be able to explore different locations featuring all sorts of dangerous monsters to take down. Still, the game isn’t all about going after monsters: it is also about taking in the beautiful scenery and taking photos of it to share with your friends all over the world.

Here’s how to take photos in Monster Hunter Rise and why you should do this to unlock more content.

How To Take Photos In Monster Hunter Rise

Photos in Monster Hunter Rise are taken with the Camera, which actually enables a Photo Mode like we have seen in Monster Hunter World that features a selection of different options that let you edit all the photos you take. The camera can be accessed via the Action Bar on the lower-right side of the screen, or via the fully customizable radial menu.

Once you have selected the Camera, you will enter Photo Mode. While in this mode, you will see the controls, current POV, and Gallery Space on the right side of the screen, and a square in the center of the screen. This square is known as the Capture Field, which is the area that will be included in your photo. Right below the square, you will notice another bar representing the Zoom functionality. You can decrease and increase the Zoom to your likings.

One more thing that can be changed before taking a picture is the POV, or point of view. You can switch between the first-person POV and the Cohoot POV by pressing the left control stick. Cohoot view also lets you take selfies, and you can pick up between different gestures via the dedicated menu option.

Why Take Photos In Monster Hunter Rise?

Taking photos in Monster Hunter Rise is not required at all to complete the game’s story, but it is if you want to unlock everything included in the game. Some Guild Card Awards require you to take pictures of various creatures to unlock, and completing these requests will allow you to receive some very nice rewards. You can also use any picture you have taken to improve how your Guild Card looks!

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