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Pokemon Go: How to Switch Teams Using a Team Medallion

Pokemon Go: How to Switch Teams Using a Team Medallion

Pokemon Go, since its inception back in 2016, is still one of the most played mobile games today. One of the first major decisions players must make is to join one of the three teams: Valor, Mystic, and Instinct.

Joining a team was a one-time decision and the only way to pick a different team was to create a whole new account. Last year, Niantic released a new item called the Team Medallion that allows players to finally be able to switch teams.

Whatever your reason for switching teams is, we’ve got a little guide for you on how to buy Team Medallions and how to use them.

How to Change your Team

Before you start, be sure you don’t have any Pokemon actively defending a gym. They will remain in the gyms even after you switch teams, and they will continue to fight for you as normal.

Usually you would receive PokeCoins once your Pokemon are defeated from the gym, but you won’t get any if you’re on a new team. Make sure to remove your Pokemon or wait for them to get knocked out to get your PokeCoins.

Open up the shop from the main menu once you’re ready. Scroll down until you get to the Upgrades section and look for a silver medal item – that’s the Team Medallion.

Team Medallions cost 1,000 PokeCoins, which is roughly about $10 USD. Purchase some PokeCoins using real money or win some by defending your team’s gyms. Kind of ironic that you’re going to use the coins you got from defending your team to change to another, no?

There’s one more thing you should know before you purchase the Team Medallion – you are locked to your new team for a whole year. You cannot use another Team Medallion for another 365 days once you use one, so make sure you are absolutely certain you choose the team you want.

You don’t have to make the decision right away, if you were wondering. You can purchase the Team Medallion but let it sit in your inventory until you’re ready to commit. Use this time to say goodbye to any friends you’ve made from your home team – you don’t want to get cold feet later on.

Use the Team Medallion from your inventory once you’re ready to make your decision, and the game will let you choose your new team. Congratulations – you have officially switched your team!

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Pokemon Go: How to Switch Teams Using a Team Medallion


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