How to Survive Screech in Roblox DOORS – Guide


DOORS is a horror adventure experience in Roblox. Players will navigate through a mysterious hotel in search of clues and answers, all the while fending off vicious otherworldly beasts known as entities.

Each one of the entities must be dealt with in a specific manner, and today we’ll be looking at the shadowy blob entity, Screech. We’ll explain everything in our how to survive Screech in Roblox DOORS guide!

Surviving a Screech attack in Roblox DOORS

Screech is a slimy and oily entity that’s comprised of two white eyes, a sinister smile, and a body made out of black sludge with some tentacles to boot.

If you enter a room, and it suddenly turns pitch black, be alert, as there is a high probability that Screech spawned and is currently hunting you down.

When Screech has you in its sights, it’ll avoid your vision and sneak up on you. Once it’s close enough to you, it will lock onto you and stay near you until it attacks, or it’s repelled.

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Thankfully, Screech has a very recognizable audio cue, as it will gently say “Psst,” like someone is about to whisper something to you. As soon as you hear Screech say that, you need to look around you as quickly as possible to locate Screech.

To repel Screech, you have to look at it directly. That means you need to have your center reticle right in Screech’s face. Once you look at it, it’ll let out a loud yelp at you, then leave.

If you don’t find Screech fast enough after it says “Psst,” it’ll chomp you and deal about 30% damage. Fortunately, Screech is not a one-hit kill, unlike some other entities.

Screech bites your face if you don’t find it fast enough. Look at those pearly whites!

If you’re having trouble finding Screech, be sure to look all around you, which means above, below, and to your sides. Sometimes Screech will be clipping through the floor, but you can still repel it!

Do note that if you have a lighter, you can hold it out to discourage Screech from targeting you. This doesn’t always work though, and if you’re playing multiplayer, Screech will simply target another nearby player.

That concludes our how to survive Screech in Roblox DOORS guide. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Survive Screech in Roblox DOORS – Guide


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