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How to Steal From the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch

How to Steal From the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch
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Sneaky Sasquatch can take on various disguises to hide from humans and the Park Ranger. One way these outfits can be unlocked is when Sasquatch completes tasks by pretending to be a human and gaining a promotion in work. Pretty sneaky huh?

The Supervisor outfit is required if you are to undertake this theft from the Port, so make sure you have become Junior Supervisor before attempting to complete this heist! You will also need to make sure you have entered the door code to Secure no.2 on the second floor of the admin building.

Stealing from the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch

Follow the steps below to steal cash from the Port:

  1. Purchase Night Vision Goggles, Sneaky Shoes, and Binoculars to make this heist easier (any money spent will be reclaimed from the theft)
  2. Drive to the Port
  3. Gain entry because you are a Junior Supervisor
  4. Go to see your supervisor in the Admin Building and get a job to Unload Secure Cargo
  5. Enter Secure no.2 and remove the pallets covering the manhole cover
  6. Go to Security and take over the cameras
  7. Move/zoom in on each security camera to obscure the view
  8. Take the forklift to the Secure no.2 gates
  9. Wait until night and then enter the sewer
  10. Make your way to the ladder below the surface of Secure no.2
  11. Climb the ladder at 10pm—not sooner!
  12. Avoiding all other people there, open the door to the storage facility
  13. Get the forklift you left at the gate
  14. Still staying clear of all people and not getting caught, drive the forklift into the storage facility
  15. Load the forklift with two boxes of loot
  16. Turn off the electric to make the guard move away from his post at the exit
  18. Once you have escaped, you can go to the Duck at the Workshop who will help you open the boxes.

For the full video guide, see SneakySasquatchYT below!

Good luck!

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How to Steal From the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch


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