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How to Solve Codebreaker Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension

How to Solve Codebreaker Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension
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Solving puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension is the best (and most entertaining) way to earn Influence Points (IP) and experience. Let’s look at the Codebreaker puzzles and how to solve them.

Solving levels 1 & 2 of Silent Hill: Ascension Codebreaker puzzle

The Codebreaker puzzle is one of four available options under the Arcane section of the Arcane Library in Silent Hill: Ascension. The puzzle can be quite a challenge if you don’t know how to approach it, which is why we’ll break it down here. Outside of puzzles, you can learn more about the game in our Silent Hill: Ascension strategy guide.

The puzzle gives you five slots on the left and five symbols on the right. You need to select the correct symbols on the right to match the desired combination.

Choosing symbols is very straightforward. All you need to do is scroll through each slot on the right until you land on the symbol you want. When you’ve gone through all five slots, tap Submit to see the results.

The left side of the puzzle will show you how accurate your selection was. In particular, you’ll see your selected symbols marked with one of three colors:

  • Green means the symbol is correct and it’s in the correct spot
  • Yellow means the symbol is correct but the spot is wrong
  • Red means the symbol is incorrect, i.e., it doesn’t exist on any spot

Of course, your goal is to get all five symbols on the left marked in green. Let’s look at the common strategies to do just that.

Strategy for solving the Codebreaker puzzle in Silent Hill: Ascension

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Every level of the Codebreaker puzzle in Silent Hill: Ascension has a limited number of tries. You’ll be able to try out five combinations in level 1 and six in level 2. This means that your strategy needs to be optimized to get the correct combination with the least number of tries.

On a similar note, Codebreaker puzzles are timed, and the time you take to solve them counts toward your star rating. So, not only will you need to guess the combination using the fewest tries, but you’ll need to do it quickly as well to get the three-star rating.

Your first try will be the most important since it will give you a starting point for the rest of the puzzle. You can go about it in two ways.

First, you can start by choosing a different symbol for each slot. On level 1, this will immediately let you know which symbols are present in the desired combination. Plus, you’ll get some info on their placement.

Second, you can try splitting the puzzle into sections. For instance, set the first two slots to one symbol, the next two to another, and the final slot to a third symbol. Since symbols can be repeated in Codebreaker puzzles, this method might give you a better chance of nailing the placement from the start.

You can do the split method in several ways: the mentioned 2-2-1, 3-2, or 4-1. With each variant, you’ll get a better chance of placing a symbol in the exact spot. On the other hand, using fewer different symbols in your submissions will prevent you from learning which symbols are included in the solution.

Simply put, the split method is more risky but may help you solve the puzzle faster. Whether you’ll use this method or the first one will depend on personal preference. In any case, you’ll get a good start which should enable you to solve the puzzle by applying the rules described above.

There’s plenty of content in Silent Hill: Ascension that’s worth exploring in more depth. Watch out for more guides on our Game Guides page to get the latest on Silent Hill: Ascension and all your other favorite games.

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How to Solve Codebreaker Puzzles in Silent Hill: Ascension