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How to Solve the Butterfly Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve the Butterfly Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy is full of exciting challenges and quests to complete as players progress through the story. Some of these quests, though, are more difficult than others and may require a little more guidance. Many players have been looking for help with the quest “The Helm of Urtkot,” which requires the completion of a 2-part butterfly puzzle.

With this guide, you can easily learn how to solve the butterfly puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete the butterfly puzzle in “The Helm of Urtkot” in Hogwarts Legacy

To start the quest, you must first collect the Mysterious Map Fragment. Before beginning to search the tomb for the helmet in this quest, you must have access to Alohomora Level 3. This is unlocked by completing part of the main quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.” Once this level of Alohomora has been achieved, you must continue the main story until you finish “The Helm of Urtkot,” then travel to the west Manor Cape Floo Flame.

Go northeast to the Old Manor and into the half-demolished building, going downstairs to a door with a level 3 lock. Unlock that door, travel along the corridor, down some stairs, and into a room containing a Chest. Inside the chest is a Mysterious Map Fragment.

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The “Cursed Tomb Treasure” quest now begins, and the map fragment shows you the location of the Tomb of Treachery, found between the Coastal Cavern and Poidsear Coast. Upon entering the tomb, you will see a path to follow, stopping only when faced with a dead-end. There are webs on your left, and you can use Confringo to get past them and continue along the path until you reach a room with a butterfly puzzle.

The first room is pretty simple and requires the player to gather a glowing butterfly from one point on the left and place it on the mechanics in the middle of the room. Stand on the platform at the back of the room. Depulso at the butterfly mechanism with your wand to make your platform ascend. Grab the butterfly and go back down.

Butterfly Puzzle (|via Hogwarts Legacy)

Place the butterfly in the bronze door at the other end of the room, along with another one found on a separate pedestal and the one you put in the butterfly mechanism. The door will open, and when it does, you can go into the next room.

This room is slightly trickier than the last. The first butterfly is on your right; grab it and put it in the butterfly mechanism, then turn around and grab another butterfly behind you. This one needs to go onto the stand to your left, which goes up when you hit the mechanism with Depulso in a moment.

Butterfly Puzzle (via Hogwarts Legacy)

Stand on the platform at the back of the room and hit the butterfly mechanism with Depulso like before. When at the top, quickly run along the ledge to the stand where you placed the butterfly before. Grab it before it goes down and put it on the door.

Next to the door is another butterfly, so you should grab that one and put it in the door. Run and jump along to the other side for the final butterfly.

Before leaving through the door you just opened, make sure you have found the chests in a room that is hidden along the ledge. Once you have those rewards, exit through the door.

That is how you complete the butterfly puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. For Hogwarts Legacy guides, check out our dedicated section.

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How to Solve the Butterfly Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy


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