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How to Slay The Giant Dragon in Clash of Clans

How to Slay The Giant Dragon in Clash of Clans
Giant Dragon in Dragon's Lair (Image Credit: Supercell)
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Clash of Clans features a single-player campaign where players have to raid goblin villages. There are 90 different preset goblin villages in the single-player campaign, and players can raid these villages to farm resources like gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Clearing single-player maps also rewards various achievements.

Low-level villages are easy to clear as they are meant for lower Townhall players. However, players will soon face ridiculous maps with multiple X-bows, inferno towers, and eagle artilleries. A few single-player maps are also home to powerful bosses. This guide will talk about the Giant Dragon in the single-player campaign and help you defeat it.

Clash of Clans: How to Defeat Giant Dragon Guide

Dragon's Lair COC

Giant Dragon, also known as Golden Dragon, is located in Dragon’s Lair, the 75th base in the single-player campaign. Supercell recommends Townhall level 12 for clearing this level, but Townhall 9-10 players can also clear it with proper setup and army. Here is the list of all buildings and defenses in Dragon’s Lair:

  • Dragon’s Cave
  •  Gold Storage
  •  Elixir Storage
  •  Dark Elixir Storage
  •  6 Multi-target Inferno Towers
  •  2 Single-target Inferno Towers
  •  2 Eagle Artilleries
  •  2 X-bows
  •  2 Archer Towers
  •  2 Air Defenses
  •  1 Goblin Hall

Dragon’s Cave is similar to the Clan Castle in the home village. When a troop enters its range, the mighty Giant Dragon will come out of its lair to wreak havoc on our troops. To get three stars on Dragon’s Lair, players must be strategic with their army composition and troop deployment.

A video tutorial

Heroes, Balloons, and P.E.K.K.As are crucial for getting three stars on Dragon’s Lair. Players are suggested to bring at least 20-24 balloons, 2 P.E.K.K.As, 3-4 rage spells, and freeze spells as many as possible. Follow these steps to clear Dragon’s Lair:

  1. Drop a bunch of balloons on both inferno tower groups on the right side of the base. Use rage spells to make sure all six inferno towers go down.
  2. Use one balloon on both eagle artilleries.
  3. Use more balloons and, if needed, a rage spell to take down archer towers, X-bows, and goblin hall.
  4. Deploy barbarians around multi-target inferno towers to activate skeleton traps. Lure skeletons into a corner and use a poison spell to kill them.
  5. Drop one P.E.K.K.A on each multi-target inferno tower.
  6. Deploy your heroes to fight the Giant Dragon. Use the rest of your troops to help heroes kill the dragon. Players can use wizards or baby dragons for support.
  7. Use rage and freeze spells to kill the Giant Dragon faster. A poison spell will also be helpful.

This strategy works only with high-level heroes, as low-level heroes die quickly. Players might need a few retries to slay the Giant Dragon finally. Upon killing the Giant Dragon and clearing Dragon’s Lair, players will get the “Dragon Slayer” achievement along with 2.5 million gold, 2.5 million elixir, and 25,000 dark elixir.

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How to Slay The Giant Dragon in Clash of Clans


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