How to set Invisible nickname in PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State
PUBG: New State

Like most games, PUBG: New State players love setting a stylish nickname as it allows them to stand apart from the massive crowd. However, gamers nowadays are using an invisible nickname in PUBG: New State more than any stylish gamer tag. Undoubtedly, setting an invisible or blank PUBG: New State nickname is still a mystery for many as the game doesn’t allow you to leave the name section empty.

However, several workarounds can bypass this rule while assigning yourself a name. If you’ve been wondering about creating your invisible PUBG: New State name, then your search ends here. We’ve listed a working method to obtain a blank gamer tag in this article.

How to set Invisible nickname in PUBG: New State?

Setting invisible nickname in PUBG: New State
Setting invisible nickname in PUBG: New State

Before moving forward, it’s essential to have a rename card in PUBG: New State to change your nickname. If you’re a new player, then you can change your name without having a card. Here are the steps to write an invisible nickname:

  1. Go to this website and long press the empty box.
  2. Hit the “Copy” option.
  3. Launch PUBG: New State and open the Inventory section.
  4. Click on the Rename Card to use it.
  5. Paste the copied text in the box.
  6. Tap “OK” button to set an invisible nickname.

Please note: Make sure to execute the steps carefully; otherwise you will end up losing a couple of UC cash.

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Once you follow all the above steps, your PUBG: New State will vanish from the lobby, kill feed, friend list and so on.

If you still have any questions regarding setting PUBG: New State invisible nickname, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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How to set Invisible nickname in PUBG: New State


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