How to Send your Pikmin to Antarctica in Pikmin Bloom: Pikmin Bloom Location Tips/Cheats


Pikmin Bloom’s “Lifelog” feature lets players document their journey through both the world of Pikmin and real life. The game will let you save pictures to make your own personal journal, and it also counts your progress in the game made that day. Pikmin Bloom’s community has recently found out that you can manipulate the Lifelog mechanic to get to places you shouldn’t realistically be able to… like Antarctica! Today, we’ll show you how to send your Pikmin to Antarctica in Pikmin Bloom!

How to Send your Pikmin to Antarctica

To send your Pikmin to Antarctica, you’ll first need to create a new entry in your Lifelog. On the main screen of Pikmin Bloom, you’ll see your step summary and a mini calendar below.

If you haven’t already done your end-of-day summary, the circle beneath yesterday’s date will be glowing, so tap on it now. The game will run you through the summary process, but you’ll need to make your own entry afterward. If you’ve already done a day summary, then it will take you straight to adding a new entry.

Either way you go, you should see a full summary of the day now. Tap on the + to add a new entry, and select a picture entry. You can use whatever picture you want, you just need to make sure to manually change the location to your desired spot. In this instance, we’ll be using Antarctica.

Tap on the location option and the game will bring up a world map. You can drag the marker around to select your location, so find South America and then head directly south. You should see the tip of Antarctica jutting out, so zoom in, and you’ll be able to place the marker accordingly.

Sending Pikmin to Antarctica in Pikmin Bloom

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Drop the marker anywhere in Antarctica. Check Pikmin Bloom the following day, and now one of your Expeditions should have appeared in Antarctica. There you go—you can now send your Pikmin to the snowy abyss that is Antarctica.

The most important thing to take away from all this is that you can send your Pikmin virtually anywhere in the world, no matter your own location. You can use this to get specific Decor Pikmin, but just keep in mind that the farther the location is, the longer it’s going to take for your Pikmin to travel there.

Just keep in mind that this could effectively be seen as an unintended “cheat” by the developers, so Niantic may or may not patch this function out in a future update. You should take advantage of this while you can!

That’s how you can send your Pikmin not just to Antarctica, but all over the world! If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Send your Pikmin to Antarctica in Pikmin Bloom: Pikmin Bloom Location Tips/Cheats


  1. I had the impression that this trick also worked with the location data embedded in an image, but when I added a pic to my Pikmin calendar with location data, the resulting expedition with attached image was local, not to the location data of the pic.


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