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How to Scout in Madden 23 – Scouting Guide Tips and Tricks

How to Scout in Madden 23 – Scouting Guide Tips and Tricks

Madden 23 is the latest game in the famous Madden franchise and it seems that there are lots of players who would like to play it. This project allows you to participate in American football competitions and create your own team. However, if you want to know more information about the players you can hire you will need to use the scouting feature. In this guide, we will tell you how to scout in Madden 23 and provide you with a couple of tips and tricks.

What is Scouting in Madden 23?

Madden 23 is an exciting American football simulator and it has a lot of cool features. At some point, you may want to create your own team, and if you have such a desire you will have to hire some players. However, in the beginning, you don’t know much about these players’ stats or performance and you will have to use scouts to get this information.

Scouts are the special agents that are able to provide you with information about players you can hire. However, this system is quite confusing and we are going to provide you with a couple of tips on how to use your scouts.

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Scouts’ Tiers and Position Expertise

Each scout in Madden 23 belongs to one of three tiers. You can have three scouts of the first tier, a single scout of the second tier, and a single scout of the third tier. Also, each of them has position expertise that represents their specialty. For example, a scout that has QB position expertise will be good at scouting QB players.

Scout tiers represent the efficiency bonus these scouts receive for their expertise. Tier 1 gives them a 5% bonus while tier 3 has a 25% bonus. So, you should use the high-ranked scouts wisely and put them in the right positions.

Assign the Right Scouts to the Right Regions

There are a few regions that you can scout in Madden 23 and each of them has its own prospects. We recommend you to put your tier 3 scout on the National level expertise while the other scouts should be assigned to the other four regions.

Before you start to scout a certain region you should check its top prospects and hire a proper scout. It is pointless to assign a scout with QB expertise to a region that doesn’t have good QB players on the list of the top prospects. So, check all the regions and assign the right scouts to them.

Hire New Scouts

Madden 23 has a lot of different scouts that belong to each tier and have various specialties. So, you should search for those that have the most useful specialties and fire those that are useless to you. You just need to think about the most important positions that you want to scout in the first place and hire scouts with the right expertise.

This American football simulator has lots of interesting features and hopefully, this guide will help you to understand how scouting works. Good luck in your matches in Madden 23!

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How to Scout in Madden 23 – Scouting Guide Tips and Tricks


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