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How to Save Natalya in Statue Park | Goldeneye 007 Mission Guide

How to Save Natalya in Statue Park | Goldeneye 007 Mission Guide

007 might be the soul of the James Bond franchise, but the Bond girls are the heart. Without them, the series just wouldn’t be the same. And in the classic game Goldeneye 007, like in the movie that inspired it, the starring Bond girl is hacker Natalya Simonova, who 007 first meets as a prisoner in Bunker II.

After fleeing together, Natalya becomes an integral part of the story. There’s a specific part where you need to rescue her from the clutches of death, but many players have struggled with the mechanics of it over the years. This part isn’t too bad if you know what to do, though, so here is how to save Natalya in Statue Park in Goldeneye 007.

Why rescuing Natalya in Goldeneye 007 is so tricky

The reason that people struggle so much with this section is because it can go in two very different directions if you perform the wrong action. In this case, choosing the wrong option means Natalya dies, and we don’t want that.

How to play Statue Park

Saving Natalya from a helicopter in Goldeneye 007.
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This chapter has a time limit, so you need to move through it quickly and avoid doing anything that is not part of the objectives. The only ones you should fight before you find Natalya are the henchmen of the bad guy. After they are taken out, you need to go back to the beginning of the section, where there should be a helicopter now. Because of the tight time window, try your best to avoid engaging with the enemies seen on the way there.

You will see Natalya on the ground by the helicopter. Approach her, and she automatically gets to her feet and begins to walk towards you. Go to the front entrance of the park (it’s a moderate distance from the helicopter, but it’s basically right in front of it), where the both of you will be safe from the exploding helicopter.

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How to prevent Natalya’s death in Goldeneye 007

You’re not out of the woods just yet. Your next step is getting the flight recorder from the post-explosion mess. Move back the way you came from and follow the path; you will see the flight recorder past the statue under a slanted slab. Return to the gate, and you will see Natalya being held hostage by enemies. Do not by any means attack them, or they immediately end Natalya’s life. Make sure you are unarmed, and her life will be spared, completing the objective.

If you’re giving Goldeneye 007 a first try thanks to the recent ports, keep these tips in mind when you get to the Statue Park section! You can play it today on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

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How to Save Natalya in Statue Park | Goldeneye 007 Mission Guide


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