How to Run/Sprint in Elden Ring

Sprinting in Elden Ring
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Running/sprinting is one of the most useful skills you can have in any open-world game—especially if you don’t have some kind of a mount to help you move around and explore. Besides exploring, sprinting can be quite useful in combat too, so it is worth learning how to run or sprint as soon as possible.

The same goes for Elden Ring. Learning how to sprint will save your life more than once, and if you’re used to the standard sprinting controls, like L3 on PlayStation, you might want to change your habits for this game. This guide breaks down everything you need to know on how to run/sprint in Elden Ring so that you can zoom around The Lands Between in no time.

How to Run/Sprint in Elden Ring on PS4/PS5

Elden Ring controls are the same regardless of which PlayStation console you’re playing on. Sprinting/running boils down to moving in any direction using the left stick and holding the circle button.

This combination might get some getting used to if you’re new to the game since the circle button pressed on its own serves for evading or dodging. Therefore, make sure to start moving first and then press and hold the circle button to sprint.

How to Run/Sprint in Elden Ring on Xbox

Similarly to the controls on PlayStation consoles, sprinting or running in Elden Ring on Xbox will require you to use the combination of the left stick to start moving and the B button to speed it up.

How to Run/Sprint in Elden Ring on PC

PC players will have to rely on a similar approach for sprinting in Elden Ring. While moving in the direction you want, you will just need to hit and hold Space as well, which otherwise also serves for dodging.

That concludes our brief tutorial on running or sprinting in Elden Ring. Make sure to practice it a bit and try to move for a second or two first before holding the backstep/dodge button to avoid any unwanted movements in the wrong direction. Those can be deadly in Elden Ring.

Let us know how you fare and feel free to explore our other Elden Ring guides to learn how to two-hand your weapon, how to parry, or how to defeat your first mini-boss.

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How to Run/Sprint in Elden Ring


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