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How to Romance Every Character in Cookie Run Kingdom – Romance Kingdom Guide

How to Romance Every Character in Cookie Run Kingdom – Romance Kingdom Guide
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We love it when games go the extra mile for April Fools’ Day, and Cookie Run Kingdom really brought out all the stops this year with the in-universe dating simulator visual novel game, “Romance Kingdom! ~Sugar Sweet Destiny~”.

Romance Kingdom is a dating simulator parody featuring human versions of popular Cookies. Just like a real visual novel, Romance Kingdom has several routes that may lead to your favorite Cookie confessing their love for you, but only if you make the right decisions. Here is how to romance every character in our Cookie Run Kingdom – Romance Kingdom guide.

Romancing every character in Cookie Run Kingdom’s Romance Kingdom

There are six romantic interests in Romance Kingdom, with the sixth one being a super secret character who unlocks after you have seen everyone else’s happy ending.

  • Herb Cookie: Herbert Hoo
  • Raspberry Cookie: Rachel Raspberry
  • Madeleine Cookie: Marcus Madeleine
  • Dark Choco Cookie: Derek DaChoco
  • Sea Fairy Cookie: Serena Faire
  • ??? (Read on to find out who the secret character is!)

For each character’s happy ending route, we will list all the correct responses you need to pick on each day. Your responses on day 1 do not affect what route you are going down—save for one instance, which is explained later—so feel free to pick whatever you want.

We also only list the responses that matter, so if you do not see a potential response listed, assume that you can pick anything.

Herbert’s happy ending route

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Herbert Hoo is your childhood friend. He is a very sweet and friendly boy who loves nature and has a penchant for gardening.

To win his affection, you must be just as friendly to him and also share his appreciation for gardening and plants.

  • Day 2
    • Of course.
    • Should I try going out to the garden?
    • No, I just came to see you.
  • Day 3
    • I want to make sweets with my friends.
    • Bake something with Herbert.
    • So… ta… sty…
  • Day 4
    • The ghost roaming the garden.
    • Thank god I brought an umbrella.
    • I’ll hold my umbrella over the plant.
  • Day 5
    • I should tease him by surprising him!
    • Find Herbert.

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Rachel’s happy ending route

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Rachel Raspberry is one of the most popular girls at Kingdom High, and she prides herself on being the best at whatever she does, though that does lead to some insecurities.

To win her affection, you have to match her guts, but also help her learn that it is fine to mess up sometimes.

  • Day 2
    • I wonder where the most popular club is?
    • I want to make friends.
    • It’s about honor, skills, and a fair fight.
    • There’s no way I’ll catch up to you.
  • Day 3
    • I want to make sweets with my friends.
    • What’s Rachel baking?
    • Stay and help.
  • Day 4
    • The mirrorless ballet studio.
    • Fine, I’ll go first!
  • Day 5
    • Find Rachel.

Marcus’ happy ending route

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Marcus Madeleine is another popular teen at Kingdom High, and he comes from a very wealthy family. He is the president of the student council, so people expect a lot from him, including his obsessive fan club.

To win his affection, you need to be real with him and let him enjoy being a normal person, without having his fan club hound him all the time.

  • Day 2
    • I’ll go around and have a look first.
    • Well, it’s true.
  • Day 3
    • It’s a chance to roam other classrooms.
    • Where’s all that noise coming from?
    • Help Marcus clean up.
  • Day 4
    • The piano in the student council room.
    • Don’t stop practicing if you enjoy it!
  • Day 5
    • Write down all of your symptoms.
    • Then… we can sit together, can’t we?
    • Find Marcus.

Derek’s happy ending route

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Derek DaChoco is one of the most feared students at Kingdom High, as he is often seen fighting with bullies around the school.

To win his affection, you have to not be afraid of him and get him to confront his troubled past.

  • Day 2
    • I prefer solitude.
    • Might as well stay for a bit.
  • Day 3
    • It’s a chance to roam other classrooms.
    • Is Derek any good at cooking?
    • I threw it in the trash.
  • Day 4
    • Screams around the dumpster.
    • The cops will make things worse!
  • Day 5
    • Open the shadowy curtain.
    • Find Derek.

Serena’s happy ending route

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Serena Faire is a beautiful girl who loves spending her time on the school’s roof, waiting for the night sky to appear. Although a bit absent-minded, she is kind and revels in the natural beauty of things around her, especially the moon.

To win her affection, you have to appreciate the moon as much as she does by repeatedly visiting her on the rooftop.

  • Day 2
    • I should ask someone.
    • I’ll wait around a bit longer.
  • Day 3
    • It’s a chance to roam other classrooms.
    • I want to show my feelings to Serena.
    • Want to bake moon cookies together?
    • Put in a spoon of butter.
  • Day 4
    • The cries from the rooftop.
    • Follow your friends carefully.
  • Day 5
    • Open the ocean-colored curtain.
    • Find Serena.

Lily’s happy ending route

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Lily White is the secret sixth character, and she is based on White Lily Cookie. She does not appear in the story until you see all the other characters’ happy endings.

Lily is a mysterious character, similar to her Cookie counterpart. Although she seems like an ordinary high school student, she possesses strange powers that no one seems to be aware of.

To win her affection, you must spend time with her to get to know her true origins and also just be generally kind to her.

Note that this is the only time when you need to choose a specific response on day 1. If you miss the right response, you are locked out of Lily’s route for the rest of the playthrough.

  • Day 1
    • Ask who’s there.
  • Day 2
    • The science club looks quiet…
    • This’ll be my secret hide-out now!
    • Just kidding, I came here to see you!
  • Day 3
    • It’s a chance to roam other classrooms.
    • I wonder what Lily White made?
    • Are you allergic or something…?
  • Day 4
    • The school’s science department.
    • I’m glad you’re concerned for me. But…
  • Day 5
    • Talk to the nurse.

Cookie Run Kingdom has some great treats for us every April Fools’ Day, and we hope the tradition continues next year. Be sure to check out our other Cookie Run Kingdom guides for more sweet tips and tricks.

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