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How to Roll in Only Up!

How to Roll in Only Up!
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The little kid you play as in Only Up! is more acrobatic than he seems. When you are making perilous jumps, you may notice that sometimes he will pull himself up ledges, grab onto ground to steady himself, and more. Did you know that he can also roll on the ground? Here is how to roll in Only Up!

Rolling in Only Up! explained

Rolling in Only Up! is a somewhat hidden move, as the game’s controls do not explicitly state how to do it. Thankfully, rolling is very easy to do, as all you need to do is double-tap the CTRL key. The boy immediately tucks and rolls a short distance forward.

So, rolling is fun, but what exactly is it good for? Well, one of the things we have noticed it does is completely stop your forward momentum, so if you are somehow going way too fast, you can tuck and roll to bring yourself to a smooth stop.

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Be careful about using the roll haphazardly, though. If you end up rolling off a ledge, the boy will enter a free-falling ragdoll state, where he is completely helpless. If this happens, be sure to press and hold the SPACE key as soon as you can to recover and regain control.

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However, if you are looking up rolling guides for Only Up!, there is a good chance you are here because you saw a video on someone pulling off the rolling super jump glitch. This glitch is a common trick that speedrunners use to get incredibly fast times, as it causes the boy to rocket up into the air, skipping huge chunks of the game.

The rolling super jump glitch can only be performed in certain spots of the game. When you are in a good spot, you have to activate and hold slow motion (Right-click), hold sprint (SHIFT), roll (double-tap CTRL), then immediately start jumping rapidly (SPACE).

It is pretty tricky to pull off, but if you can get it right, you can save tons of time by skipping so much of the level. Aside from the super jump glitch and momentum stopping powers, the roll does not seem to have much use. If you find another use for it, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Roll in Only Up!