How to Rob the Bank in Emergency Response Liberty County


Are you a fan of Emergency Response Liberty County? Then you have been to the River City and perhaps visited the Bank as well. The city got more job positions once it was added to the game. Those who have been hired can role-play and take care of the transactions for all the people who live in Liberty County.

Moreover, once the Bank was added to the game, the players got a chance to face the bank robbery! Do you want to get more details on the steps to be completed to rob the Bank? Great! Then keep reading this guide to find this out!

Robbing the Bank in Emergency Response Liberty County

First, it is needed to gather your mafia, and only after that plan the bank robbery. If you plan everything well, the deal will be advantageous!

The next step will be to go stealthy by lockpicking locked doors. Alternatively, you will be able to shoot the glass windows/doors to come inside. Still, this option is loud; you must keep this in mind.

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If you come inside stealthy with a lock pick will provide you with additional minutes until everyone will hear the alarm right after that police will know everything!

It is essential to avoid the tear gas as it is pretty damaging for the characters.

A mafia is required to start the robbery! Gather your team with no postponing and start reaching your aim!

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How to Rob the Bank in Emergency Response Liberty County


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