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How to report a player in PUBG Mobile

How to report a player in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Hackers are everywhere, especially in online shooting games like PUBG Mobile. It doesn’t matter how robust the game’s anti-cheat is, cheaters somehow manage to use different kinds of hacks like Wallhacks, Aimbots, scripts to remain one step ahead and hinder the gaming epxerience of legitimate players.

If you’re also wondering how to report a suspicious player in PUBG Mobile, you’re in the right place. There are two ways to report a shady player in the game.

How to report cheaters in PUBG Mobile

Method 1:

If you suspect that a player is cheating or using any means to improve their gameplay in a match unfairly, use the in-game report button to notify it to the PUBG Mobile team. The report button will appear on the bottom left of the screen after the match is over.

Report button in PUBG Mobile

Method 2:

While out of the match, it’s also possible to report someone’s account. However, you must know his character ID or username in order to report it to the PUBG Mobile staff team.

  1. Launch PUBG Mobile on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the gear icon located at the bottom right of the lobby.
  3. Hit the Report button and select the ‘other’ radio button.
  4. Describe your issue to PUBG Mobile along with player’s character ID, Username, and specific reason.
  5. Hit the submit button to send your request.

As per a recent PUBG Mobile report, the company has imposed a 10-year ban on 2.3 million accounts to enforce stringent discipline against cheaters.

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How to report a player in PUBG Mobile


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