SaGa Frontier Remastered features a diverse cast of characters that will join your party depending on the scenario you are playing. Some characters, however, are optional, so you will have to seek them out if you want to use them in battle.

Here’s how to recruit all of the monster party members in SaGa Frontier Remastered.

How To Recruit All Monster Party Members In SaGa Frontier Remastered

Monsters work very differently from other races in SaGa Frontier Remastered. While their basic form is dictated by the game, it is possible to turn them into different forms by defeating monsters.


Cotton is located in Shrike’s Bio Lab, and simply speaking with the monster will be enough to let the Tidi join your party.


Kylin will join your party only after you have completed either the Light Quest or Shadow Quest and either the Arcane Quest or Rune Quest. Once you do, head to Devin and speak with Rei, and complete the puzzles to make Kylin join your party.


Riki will be found in the Scrap’s bar, and will join any party once talked with.


Sei will join any part, as long as you have collected his sword, shield, and mirror in Sei’s Tomb in Shrike. Once you do, bring them to his coffin to have him fight you. Upon victory, Sei will join your party.


Slime will join any party, as long as you have collected the Vitality Rune. This means that Slime cannot join your party during Riki’s scenario, since he cannot get the rune in any way.


Suzaku can join your party as soon as you take on Fuse’s Arcane mission. Head to Mosperiburg, defeat fairies until a snowman appears, interact with it to fight Jotnar. Upon defeat, a Suzaku will appear nearby and join your party.


Thunder will join you by speaking with it in Lute’s house in Yorkland, but only if you have Lute with you.

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