SaGa Frontier Remastered

SaGa Frontier Remastered is among the most unique role-playing games released in recent times. Unlike most JRPGs out there, the game is completely non-linear, allowing players to go off the beaten path and discover all sorts of secrets, including optional playable characters that do not join the party for story reasons.

Here’s how to recruit all optional human party members in SaGa Frontier Remastered.

How To Recruit All Human Characters In SaGa Frontier Remastered

While plenty of characters join the main characters of each scenario, it is always a good idea to expand the party, considering the unique way characters behave. Human characters are great at mastering any art, allowing you to use a variety of combat options that can be effective in different combat scenarios.


Annie can be recruited by heading to Devin’s Rune Magic shop and accept the quest. Then, head over to Kooron’s restaurant, and speak with Annie. Complete the quest and she will join your party upon entering the Despair prison.


Emelia can be recruited by starting the Arcane Quest in Devin, then heading over to Baccarat. Find Emelia in the area and she will join your party before you go into the sewers.


To recruit Fei-On if he doesn’t join your party for story reasons, all you need to do is accept the Rune Quest, try to leave Koorong, and see the airship get swallowed by a monster. Accept Fei-On help to escape, and he will join your party.


Fuse gets his own scenario in the remaster, but he can join other characters’ parties as well. All you need to do is start the Arcane Quest, head to IRPO and accept’s Fuse’s quest that requires you to go to Mosperiburg.


Gen is a character you want in your party even if you don’t recruit him for story reasons, as he is the strongest sword user in the game. To recruit him, start the Arcane Quest and head over to Koorong. Get to the lowest level to speak with a skeleton about Wakatu. Once this is done, head to the bar in the Scrap, and talk with Gen to recruit him.


While you’re out in the Scrap to recruit Gen, you can also talk with Lute. He will join your party without having to complete any other side quest.


Mei-Ling, like Gen and Lute, can be found in the Scrap’s bar. Unlike most other optional human characters, she will not join Asellus or Red, so she cannot be recruited in any form in those scenarios.


To recruit Roufas, you need to find him inside Mu’s Tomb in Shrike after starting the Rune Quest. He cannot be recruited in the Asellus, Riki, and T260G scenarios.


Rouge, like Gen, is another character you want to recruit as soon as possible, as he is one of the strongest mages in the game. To recruit him, head over to the port of Devin and Luminous and speak with him. He will not join non-human main characters, so you have no way of recruiting him in the Riki and T260G scenarios. Additionally, he will not join his brother’s Blue party, although there is a way to play the character in his scenario.

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