If you want to learn how to quickly increase rank in Priconne R then you’re in the right place. Today I am going to give you some quick tips on how to get to Rank 7 fast, since that’s where you will unlock your characters’ EX Skill. And since there are so many ranks to upgrade to, it’s best to find a good balance between upgrading and casual play (unless you want to really grind it).

I will start off by explaining what the ranking up process means, and how it actually defines what your characters will get. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Priconne R – What is Ranking Up

To put it simply, Ranking Up is the process that lets you inherit all your Rank Equipment’s into your Character, making it stronger and unlocking skills at certain rank milestones.

– Rank 2: You will unlock your first skill.
– Rank 4: You will unlock your second skill
– Rank 7: You will unlock your EX skill

If you don’t have all the characters you plan on obtaining just yet, then try to upgrade the characters you’re using at least to Rank 4 so you’ll unlock their second skill. That will make progressing a lot easier, so you won’t end up getting stuck until you get the one(s) you want in the end game.

Whenever you Rank Up a character, you will lose all the equipment that they have on (it will be consumed) and you will also lose the materials you’ve put in the equipment’s refining. So, the best would be not to refine anything until you’ve upgraded the characters at least to Rank 7 (or 5-6 if you can’t progress anymore).

Princess Connect! Re Dive
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How to Rank Up in Princess Connect Re: Dive

The process of ranking up is pretty simple and straightforward. You need to equip your characters with all 6 equipment parts necessary, and then select the Rank Up button underneath.

Whenever you have all 6 equipment pieces on and your character is ready to get ranked up, the Rank Up button will be sparkly. I recommend that you save up all the materials and equipment that you can, and not refine anything until you’re done upgrading the characters.

What to do:

  • If you need to use Refinement Crystals, use as many as needed to get you through the stages or daily quests. Don’t do more than you have to, because it will be a waste.
  • Save your Refinement Crystals until you get to Rank 7!
  • Once you hit Rank 7, you should spam all your Refinement Crystals to upgrade the gear.
  • Focus on your main units (main party) first, since you won’t have enough equipment to upgrade every single unit. It’s also better to just focus on a select few that can be used for multiple instances. If you’re not sure who to go for, check out the Priconne R tier list!

Why you should not refine anything at the start

The main reason why you don’t want to refine anything (unless you really have to) is because you will lose all the refinery once you fuse those equipment pieces into the characters you will rank up. The easiest would be to try and progress as much as you can, save up on resources, and slowly rank up the heroes.

In order to get stronger, focus instead on leveling up the characters and starring them up, because that will stay.

Refine equipment at Rank 6 if you don’t have enough for Rank 7

The truth is, you don’t lose ALL the materials you used in refining when you Rank Up – some (very little) will be returned, but that’s nowhere compared to the materials you put in. So, the best option, if you can’t progress anymore, would be to refine the gear at Rank 6.

By the time you have the required resources for Rank 7, you should be pretty well stocked up on everything, even if you play the game semi-casually.

These would be my tips on how to quickly increase rank in Priconne R. Do you have additional tips for fellow players? Make sure you leave them down in the comments section below!

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